Easy Russian Babushka Scarf Styling Ideas

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This lookbook is about my favorite Russian babushka scarf style.

To tie a Russian babushka scarf, you simply take a square scarf, fold it in half to make a triangle, place it over your head and tie it under the chin.

Here, I’m going to be showing you how the same headscarf style looks when created with different types of scarves. Let’s get started!

Wool scarves

1. Wool scarves

Let’s start with wool scarves. I think this style of scarf is so underestimated.

Here, I’m using a scarf that measures 28x28 inches (72x72cm). This fabric is quite thick, and it helps to keep the perfect shape.

Because the scarf is colorful, it’s great for styling with more neutral pieces, such as a jacket in black or beige.

I added a pair of sunglasses to create an Audrey Hepburn feel. Audrey had a lot of wool headscarves.

Wool scarves

The next scarf is much bigger, measuring 35x35 inches (90x90cm), and has lovely fringe tassels along the sides.

This is a traditional Russian Pavlovo Posad shawl. The fabric is much softer, and as you can see, it covers my shoulders. 

Wool scarves

If this size is too large for you, you can always make it smaller by folding the front part over.

Wool scarves

Making the scarf shorter gives you a very different finished look. At the back, the scarf ends higher up, but you still have the beautiful long scarf ties hanging down at the front.

2. Cotton scarves

Cotton scarves

You can buy bandana scarves like this basically everywhere, and I have a few of them in different colors.

This type of scarf measures 21 x 21 inches (53x53cm), and it looks very cute when tied in a babushka style.

Cotton scarves

The next cotton scarf is a beautiful French design.

It measures 30 x 30 inches (77x77cm). The fabric is thicker and helps it keep in shape perfectly. I also like to make a little point on the top of my head with the scarf.

Don’t forget to spread out the ends of the scarf at the front so that you can see the beautiful pattern. 

3. Silk scarves

Silk scarves

Now let's see some vintage silk scarves.

Look at the pattern on this scarf - I think it’s just made for a babushka style. It’s not too big, not too small, just a perfect size at 28x28 inches (72x72cm). 

Silk scarves

It looks great from the back, the babushka style allows you to see and appreciate the design of the scarf.

Silk scarves

This is a vintage Liberty of London scarf, and it looks very different from the previous one because of the smaller size, measuring 23x23 inches (58x58cm). 

Silk scarves

This scarf measures 27 x 27 inches (69x69cm), you can either wear it on the side that has the bright fuchsia and yellow print.

Silk scarves

Or on the other side, which has a mostly beige background if you want to be more discreet. 

Silk scarves

The great thing about wearing an asymmetric scarf like this that has different patterns and colors around the scarf is that when you fold it, you get a different appearance on either side.

You can choose which side you’d like to reveal.

Silk scarves

This little silk scarf I wear a lot because of the color combination. It measures 22.5x22.5 inches (57x57cm). It goes with red, blue, white, and all shades of gray. 

Silk scarves

The last scarf is my absolute favorite for the fall. Look at the color combination and pattern - it is so unusual and has a 70s feel. 

Russian babushka scarf

There we have the same babushka style in many different ways, depending on what material and size of scarf you opt for.

There are so many options when it comes to this look.

Let me know which was your favorite scarf in this lookbook in the comments below.

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  • Hti9797910 Hti9797910 on Feb 08, 2023

    I wore these babushkas in my young years of the 40’s 50’s in Michigan where the Polish women introduced them for warmth, and then they also stepped up to stylish to wear them.

  • Ddo22877233 Ddo22877233 on Feb 08, 2023

    I wear a scarf all the time I used to when I was young but I do now because its windy and it keeps hair better. I have a lot and wear what I like I think I am the only one in the small town that wears one. I am happy with it.