Want an Everyday Glow? Try This Natural Makeup Tutorial For Over 50s

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Glamorous makeup is great for special occasions, but most of the time you want something a bit simpler, right? Follow this great natural makeup tutorial, for over 50s.

This is an everyday, natural makeup look that you can achieve with little effort, and there are a few makeup product surprises for you!

Tools and materials:

  • Self-tanner for faces
  • Tinted serum
  • Concealer
  • Face powder
  • Brightening powder
  • Bronzer
  • Blusher
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow mascara
  • Lash mascara
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
  • Assorted makeup brushes
Self-tanner for the face

1. Start with a tan!

If you have a pale complexion like me, then the first thing you can do is apply a self-tanner made just for faces. The face tanner will develop throughout the day to give you a glowy, sun-kissed look.

Applying a tinted serum to the face with fingers

2. Use a tinted serum

For a natural look, I prefer to use something lighter than a foundation, such as a tinted serum. This provides light natural coverage to your skin to make it look really fresh.

You don’t need a lot – just put a pea-sized amount on your fingertip and then apply it to your face with your fingers. If you have some areas of discoloration on your face, you can apply a bit extra to those spots.

Applying concealer under the eyes

3. Under-eye concealer

Apply some under-eye concealer just below your eyes to help counteract any under-eye discoloration or bags.

You can also apply the concealer to your eyelids if your skin there is very thin, and discoloration from veins is visible.

Applying powder to the eyelids with a brush

4. Powder your eyelids and under eyes

Apply a pressed powder with a makeup brush to your eyelids, to set them before applying any eyelid color. Also, apply an undereye setting powder below your eyes to prevent fine lines and creases.

Applying lipstick to cheeks instead of blush

5. Lipstick on your cheeks!

Skip the cream blush and use lipstick on your cheeks instead! Lipstick provides a beautiful healthy glow that looks like a natural flush on your cheeks.

It’s also a great way of reducing the number of products you need!

Blending lipstick into the cheeks with fingers

Blend in the lipstick with your fingertips.

Applying face powder to reduce shine

6. Reduce the shine

If your skin has a natural shine and you want to tone that down, apply some pressed powder to your face, especially through the center area that tends to get shinier.

Applying bronzer as eyeshadow

7. Try bronzer instead of eyeshadow

Use a small makeup brush to apply a light bronzer to your eyelids above the crease. Be careful not to use a dark bronzer, because that will make your lids look heavier. 

Applying bronzer under the lower lashes

You can also apply a bit of the bronzer under your lower lashes to give your eyes more definition and make them look wider.

Applying powder eyeliner with a brush

8. Add a bit of eyeliner

Use a flat makeup brush to apply powder eyeliner above your upper lashes using a dabbing motion right on your lash line. Powder eyeliner is a great option if you struggle with applying liquid eyeliner.

Defining eyebrows with brow mascara

9. Define your eyebrows

As you get older your eyebrows may be going gray or getting thinner. You can counteract that with some eyebrow mascara that brushes onto your existing eyebrow hairs.

Curling lashes with an eyelash curler

10. Lash curling is a must!

Curling your lashes doesn’t just lift your lashes,it gives your whole eye a beautiful lift. 

Applying mascara to the upper lashes

11. Follow with mascara

Apply mascara to your upper lashes.

Applying bronzer around the hairline

12. Add extra bronzer

Add to your sun-kissed look by applying a bit more bronzer around your hairline and across your cheeks. If you have a very pale neck, you can also take the bronzer down there so there’s a continuation of color.

Natural makeup for older women

13. Finish with lipstick – on your lips!

As you get older, your lips get less firm, and a hard lip liner pencil can be difficult to apply. So, try a soft lip liner product instead.

Applying a nude lipstick

Then apply a nude-tone lipstick to fill in your lips. Of course, if you prefer a bright lip, then go ahead and choose a brighter lipstick!

Blending lipstick with fingers

Blend your lipstick by rubbing your fingertip over it. That also helps to keep your lipstick in place.

Natural makeup tutorial for over 50s

Natural makeup tutorial for over 50s

This is plenty of makeup for around the house and running out for daily errands. You can skip steps or add more as suits your own style, but just these simple steps will give you a fresh, natural glow.

Leave a comment to let me know how you liked this natural makeup tutorial.

Products used:

Suggested materials:
  • Self-tanner for faces
  • Tinted serum
  • Concealer
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