7 Stylish Blue Winter Coat Outfits: How to Wear a Pastel Winter Coat

In this tutorial, I'm going to be showing you how to style blue winter coat outfits. Long winter coats are both practical and stylish, but we usually tend to stick to dark colors, like black or navy, or neutrals, like tan or camel.

Today, I wanted to show you something different by demonstrating different ways to style a long winter coat in a more unusual shade: pastel blue.

I hope these blue winter coat outfits inspire you to try something new and think outside of the box when it comes to how to wear a winter coat.

Double denim blue winter coat outfit

1. Forever denim

I like to wear my denim jacket as a shirt, it looks so great with high-waisted jeans and nude pumps. The bell-bottoms will visually lengthen your legs and increase your confidence.

The pastel blue coat completes the monochrome look. You could also throw on a blue scarf for an added accessory. 

To see how I made these double-waisted jeans read my previous tutorial on how to make jeans high-waisted.

Cute winter coat outfits

2. Versatile shirt dress

You can wear almost any piece year-round by clever layering. Make a spring-summer dress warmer by adding layers in the cold - go for a pair of leggings underneath and a long coat on top.

Finish the look off with a blue striped scarf. All of the different shades of blue complement one another and create a balanced and harmonious look.

Gray and blue winter coat outfits

3. Blue-gray shades

Layer a gray turtleneck as your base to create an extra sophisticated effect. The blue-gray turtleneck and the printed denim shirt have the same shade to make it all fit together.

Add a patterned scarf with the same shade to take the art of mixing up to the next level. 

The pastel blue coat pairs seamlessly with the blue-gray turtleneck, while the printed denim shirt provides the right amount of contrast.

What to wear with a coat in winter

4. Keep it neutral

Neutral colors make a hurried morning easier and are so easy to combine with a pair of jeans and combat boots. Here, I’ve gone for a gray sweater and tucked just one side in for an asymmetric effect.

You can easily add a bit of color with a red plaid scarf. 

Gray hoodie with a long blue winter coat

Or, leave it plain and throw the pastel blue coat on top for another more monochrome look.

Wearing a pastel blue winter coat with jeans

5. Casual and comfy

Style up a beige turtleneck with ripped mom jeans to make a long winter coat look more casual. A skinny belt cinches in the waist, and turned-up bottoms add a bit of edge.

How to wear winter coats in pastel tones

6. Classic white shirt

Anything looks good with a white shirt and the turned-up jeans keep the blue color palette in the mix. Wearing socks with heels adds a pop of interest to an otherwise classic winter coat outfit.

Blue winter coat outfit with leggings

7. Leggings

Leggings belong in every woman’s wardrobe. Wearing your sweater with a denim shirt and leggings is exactly the relaxed, fun feeling we’re going for. The pastel blue coat pairs perfectly with the sweater and the shirt, and completes this outfit.

Blue winter coat outfits

There we have seven different ways you can style a pastel blue winter coat outfit.

The great thing about this light blue winter coat is that it looks great with cool tones, such as white and gray, but blue jeans make the outfits feel put-together because the blues come together so well.

My top tip is to pay attention to color and think and think about what colors will look harmonious with your long winter coat, as well as which colors you can throw in to create some contrast.

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