How to Style a Blazer- 5 Fashionable & Effortless Looks

Blazers are an essential item for any fashionista. It is formal, sophisticated, and really a well-rounded garment. Did you know that you can style it in so many ways? I'm going to show you how to style a blazer; 5 head-turning ways to look your best! Blazers are great for any occasion, whether for the office or even just a casual blazer style. I will be wearing my favorite black blazer that I bought in a thrift store for under $10! It has lovely loops and pockets, too. So go ahead, get your favorite go-to blazer out and let's get this stylin' show on the road!

Blazer style

Look 1

I opted for a black sweater, high-waisted skinny jeans, and a classic pair of Doc Martens for this minimalistic look. I folded up the jeans a little to give it a layered vibe, and I folded up my sleeves to make it look more casual.

Styling a blazer

Look 2

This outfit is great for work! I love the formal look and the colors, too. Here I wore a thrifted khaki green button-up shirt with pockets. It also has cute pockets. I pulled up my blazer's sleeves a little, letting that gorgeous, fresh olive color poke out around the sleeve area. To finish off this look, I wore a pair of ballet flats, but you can go crazy and wear any type of shoe you like. Heels would look great, too.

Style a blazer

Look 3

Here I chose a classic white button-up shirt. The clever style hack here is that instead of actually buttoning the shirt, I created a wrap-around effect by the shirt around my body and tucking in the shirt under my jeans. I wore lovely light blue ripped jeans to give an edgier vibe. And, of course, I opted for my classic converse sneakers to finish the look. White sneakers, loafers, or chunky boots work well with this too. You can also add a nice belt if you like; this will add more sophistication to the look.

Office blazer style

Casual blazer style

Look 4

I took a pair of straight leg, mid-rise jeans, and a black tank top. I folded the tank top at the bottom, giving an illusion of a crop top. I like how some of my skin shows here; it provides a nice funky element to an otherwise classical outfit. You can style this with a layered necklace or even a lovely chunky necklace. Also, a cute backpack would look amazing with this ensemble.

Easy blazer style

Look 5

Here I took an oversized sweater and paired it with my blazer. I took out my sweater's sleeves, so it gives it a fun contrast. I wore my Doc Martens, too, as I feel this look goes best with chunky shoes. Also, don't forget to wear biker shorts or any other skin-tight shorts underneath because the oversized sweaters are still a little shorter than a regular skirt. If you don't have Doc Martens, any chunky boots or sneakers will look just as amazing.

There you have it- 5 perfect ways to style a blazer. You can obviously pick any blazer you like, and it doesn't need to be black. All of the items that I showed you are thrifted. If you don't have a particular clothing item, then you have an excellent excuse to go thrifting or even spoil yourself at the stores. I hope you enjoyed this easy blazer style tutorial!

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