The Easiest Visible Mend

by Projectyourbest
3 Materials
15 Minutes

Split seams happen! Whether it's an item from your closet or an item you find secondhand, loose threads or a full split along an existing seam is a pretty common garment flaw.

I experienced this problem with a gorgeous leather-front J. Crew Collection cardigan I purchased secondhand. It could have been a completely invisible fix, but I took a different approach to make the pre-owned sweater feel uniquely mine.

Here is the original split seem along the cuff and sleeve.

The mend is simple enough.


  1. Turn the sweater/garment inside out and pin original seam together.
  2. Thread a needle with thread the color of your choice - go matching for an invisible fix or choose your favorite color to add your unique signature.
  3. Knot end of threads and use stitch of choice (I used a very quick and easy overcast stitch) to close the seam; knotting at finished end.

Turn the garment right side out and - if you've chosen a contrasting color thread - admire your handiwork!

I love that this mend will be nearly invisible to others, but I will see it and be reminded that I gave this amazing garment a new life!

Have you ever intentionally let your stitches show? Or have you customized a garment with a simple visible mend in some other way?

Suggested materials:
  • Thread
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing needle

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  • Ellie Ellie on May 11, 2021

    If I wanted to display a repair as “my own”, I would have used a decorative stitch in a slightly different different color color that would be distinctive yet not glaring such as a zigzag or embroidery stitch.

  • Elliebgood Elliebgood on May 18, 2021

    I just plain love it!!

    Thank You!!