How to Make a No-Sew Criss Cross Strap Top

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This project is super simple, and you won’t have to sew a stitch. To make this top, I used Lycra fabric because it is self-finished, which means it will not fray, so the edges do not need to be hemmed or serged. Let’s get started on making this cute DIY criss cross top.

Tools and materials:

  • Lycra fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric pen
  • Scissors
Cut a curve

Cut a curve on the corner

I decided I wanted the edges around the armholes to be curved instead of straight, so I simply cut a curved edge around one corner of the fabric.

Criss cross top tutorial

Measure and mark the armhole

I marked a curved line by measuring two inches from the curved edge in a few different places along the curve and connecting those marks. Then, using those marks as a guide, I continued the curve until I had marked a complete circle. 

Snip a hole

Cut a hole in the circle

I made a small snip in the center of the circle.

Cut out the circle

Cut out the circle

Using the hole I had just snipped in the center of the circle as my starting point, I continued cutting and removing the fabric from inside the marked circle. 

How to make a criss cross top

Widen the circle

Once the circle was cut out, I realized I wanted my armholes to be bigger, so I widened my circle until it was the size I wanted.

Make a criss cross top

Fold the fabric

Next, I folded the fabric so the right sides were facing each other.

Cut another circle

Cut another armhole

I cut a second armhole using the first armhole as my guide for where to cut, so both circles would be even with each other. 

Straighten the edges

Even out the edges

Once the armholes were cut, I decided that I prefer the edges to be straight rather than curved, so I just cut around the edges a bit until they were straight.

How to sew a criss cross top

Now I had a long piece of fabric with holes in both top corners.

Basic criss cross top

Put the top on

To wear the top, I simply held the fabric with the wrong side facing me and inserted my arm into one of the armholes.

Wrap the fabric around your body

Then I wrapped the rest of the fabric around my back and pulled it towards the front of my body.

Insert your arm into the armhole

Finally, I crossed the fabric over the front of my body and inserted my second arm into the second armhole. 

No-sew criss cross top

I adjusted the fabric so everything laid nicely and smoothly, and my criss cross top was complete!

The back of the shirt

You can also make this top with a longer or wider piece of fabric, so it is more flowy and free. But I like how this one turned out small and snug. I think it fits me really well. What kind of criss cross top do you prefer--small and snug or flowy and free? Let me know!

Suggested materials:
  • Lycra fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric pen
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