Turn Your Scarf Into a Summer Top

2 Materials
2 Minutes

Here I’m going to show you a super cool way you can turn your scarf into a summer top.

I love discovering new and unique ways I can style the pieces in my wardrobe, and this is a transformation that I can’t get enough of.

All you need is a long scarf and an open bangle. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Scarf
  • Bangle
Open bangle

Wearing scarf

1. Put scarf around neck

Start off by putting the scarf around your neck, making sure it’s equal on both sides.

Putting scarf through bangle

2. Put scarf through bangle

Hold the two ends of the scarf together and slide the bangle up it.

You don’t want all of the scarf to be in the bangle, only about half of it.


3. Tie behind back

Take the two front pieces that you pulled through the bangle and tie them behind your back.

Turn your scarf into a summer top

Here is the finished look. How simple was that? Just three quick steps, and you’re done.

The first way you can wear the top is like this with the scarf hanging down at the front like so.

Crossing sections

Alternatively, you can cross the two front sections and tie them at the back.

Turn your scarf into a summer top

And then you will have a neater finish at the front like this, in a cropped style.

Turn your scarf into a summer top

Let me know which style you like best in the comments below! Give this scarf look a go for yourself, it’s so easy there’s no excuse!

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Suggested materials:
  • Scarf
  • Bangle

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