How to Wear Clothes to Look Slimmer

Like many of you, I always want to look slimmer. Sure there’s diet and exercise, but you can also dress your way slim! Use your clothes to create an optical illusion to make your waist look longer, thus making you look thinner. This is especially handy if you have a short waist, are carrying some extra baby weight or need to lose a few pounds.

I noticed whenever I wore traditional looks of tucking in my shirt and wearing a belt, I always felt fat, frumpy and sort of “stuffed” into my clothes. So I started tweaking my clothes in a way that made me look longer and leaner in the waist. And bonus, not only do I look better, it’s a lot more comfortable! Here I share my tricks for how to wear clothes to look slimmer.

Go Long With Shirts 

I always buy my t-shirts and tank tops long. Not only does it save you from worrying about the dreaded “rise-up” in the back when you sit, but it also makes your waist look super slim! This tip works for any shirt. I wear a lot of solid-color t-shirts in the summer and as a base layer in colder months. Besides getting it long, make sure it’s also fitted. Most button-down shirts come in a slim-fit cut that looks more tailored and will make you look leaner. Purchase t-shirts that are women’s cut and more fitted – none of those oversized boxy tees!

Wear Your Belt Low

When you think of a belt, you probably automatically put it on at the waist. But if you position a belt low on your waist, just resting on your hips, it will elongate your waist, so you appear thinner. Purchase belts a little longer than usual, so there is room for them to sit loose. If the buckle allows, slide the strap through to create a “V” rather than buckling straight across.

Slip Into A Shift Dress

These dresses are slightly fitted with no defined waist to create a vertical line silhouette. When people see you, the eye travels up and down to make you appear longer and leaner. Solid colors work best for this look.

Go Vertical With Lines

When it comes to stripes, wear vertical instead of horizontal line patterns, especially in tops. Again, this sort of “stretches” your appearance vertically, and you will appear slimmer and taller.

Use Your Accessories

Long necklaces and scarves can help you create a “v”-shape in front to draw the eye down. Layer long necklaces together or wear a long necklace and long scarf together. You can also tie a long scarf in a loose knot at the bust to create this look.

Layer Long

You can use layers to make yourself look thinner by wearing a long sweater or duster jacket over your outfit. Again, these draw the eye down and create a longer, leaner look. They also flow when you walk, giving you a little dramatic flair!

So try out these tips to make yourself look thinner! You can even double some of these tips to give you more options for a longer, leaner look. Try a loose belt in a "v” shape with a long necklace or scarf tied in a front knot with a shift dress.

Now that you know some tips on how to wear clothes to look thinner, what’s the first one you’ll try?

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