Five Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt for a Maternity Look

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by Berta Lily
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Did I mention that I straight up refuse to buy maternity clothes? I do have a few pieces from from first pregnancy and some hand me downs so I'm not claiming to have zero items, but I am shopping my closet for the rest.

And a prego's best friend is a pencil skirt!

This was actually our family photo for our Holiday Card! I wore a crop top sweater and folded it underneath into my bra. You can also bunch it in the back and tuck it into the back to the skirt.

Same skirt, different sweater. This sweater is so bulky and wram, perfect for the cool weather and perfect for a baby bump. Now my pencil skirt turned into a mini skirt!

Another way I like to wear a pencil skirt is with high waisted boots and a tied up long sleeve tee. If you are bigger towards the warmer months, swap this out for a short sleeve tee instead!

Same skirt again with chunky socks and combat boots! For this outfit, I wore a tank under the skirt and threw a jean jacket on top.

Finally, my leopard print skirt, looks so cute with a tied top and light jacket on top.

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  • Stretch pencil skirt   (shop your closet)

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