How to Wear a Duster

Kastle Waserman
by Kastle Waserman

I want to introduce one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. A duster is a light layer that is not quite a jacket or a sweater but a flowing piece of material with sleeves. Sometimes cut in a kimono shape, it can have billowy sleeves for an even more feminine and dramatic silhouette.

Dusters come in various colors, textures, solids, prints and embroidered. They can match styles that range anywhere from conservative to alternative boho. They’ve even become popular at music festivals as an all-purpose coverup with a fun, flowing shape.

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Embroidered Duster

Reversible Duster

Lace Duster

Tie Dye Kimono Duster

I want to show you some options for how to style a duster so you can see it is a must-have for any wardrobe.

A Duster Over a Dress

A duster can add some personality to an otherwise simple dress. I picked this sleek shift dress, and the duster gives it an extra pop of color and embellishment. It’s an easy look for going into the office or out to dinner. It will also keep the sun off your shoulders and arms on sunny days.

A Duster Over a Party Outfit

Get the party started by adding a duster over a cocktail dress! It can add some extra texture, color or pattern for a unique outfit. And you’ll be sure to make an entrance with your duster flowing behind you! Dusters can also keep you warm if your dress has short sleeves or no sleeves when hot weather turns cool at night, or you go from hot weather into a party blasting the air conditioning.

A Duster with Casual Shorts and Tee

Hot summer days call for shorts and a t-shirt. But that can get a little blah after a while. A duster is a great way to add some interest as a light layer. For those who are uncomfortable about showing your arms in the summer but still want to stay cool, a duster is a great light coverup that won’t make you sweat. A duster is also great to take to the beach to use as a swimsuit coverup.

A Duster Over Pants and A Tank Top

I don’t know about you, but I feel a little bare when I wear just a fitted tank top. A duster is a great way to let you wear all your tanks but still cover up a bit. It can also add some pop to a tank and tailored pants look for a classic, sleek look with a flowing, feminine touch.

A Duster As a Dress

Don’t just think of your duster as a layer. They’re often so pretty you’ll want to wear them on their own. Add a belt and a duster can double as a dress. Just make sure your duster isn’t so sheer that it’s see through! You can also add a basic slip or tank and leggings underneath in case you have any “wardrobe malfunctions.” One trick to also help with that is to use a safety pin to keep the garment closed so it doesn’t fall open under your belt.

So now that you know how to wear a duster, will you add one to your wardrobe?

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