How to Make a Long Cardigan - Absolutely No Sewing Required

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Today I have a wonderful DIY for you. I am going to make a long cardigan using stretchy cotton material. I love to work with this material because it's self-finishing, so there is absolutely no sewing involved in this project. Just a few simple cuts and you will have a beautiful duster, ready to wear!

Tools and materials:

  • 2 Yards of cotton spandex material
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pen
Using a measuring tape to take measurements

1. Take your measurements

To begin, measure from the top of your shoulders down to your feet. I added a few extra inches because I'm going to be wearing heels with this, so I used the whole 60 inches of fabric.

Depending on how tall you are, your measurements may differ.

Measuring the fabric for the long cardigan

2. Measure, mark, and cut

Next, I used that measurement to cut my fabric. The width of my fabric when folded in half is 30 inches. I marked the length at 60 inches and cut it. 

Cutting the fabric for the long cardigan

3. Measure, mark, and cut

Starting from the top of the fabric where the fold is, I measured 6 inches down and then, starting from the back of the fabric where your back will be, 6 inches across, and marked that point with a fabric pen.

From that mark, I measured and marked a line of 9 inches, then I simply cut through both layers of fabric, straight down that line. This 9-inch slit is going to be the armhole.

I measured the armhole of one of my t-shirts to get that measurement, so the size of your armhole may vary, as well. 

Folding the fabric

4. Fold and cut

Next, I folded my fabric in half, by bringing the bottom up to the top. I made sure to smooth out all the layers of fabric so they are completely flat, and all the edges are aligned.

Then, I cut an arch along the top edge, cutting through all four layers of fabric. This will give your cardigan some shape at the bottom and around the neckline.

The long cardigan shape with armholes

5. Unfold and try on

All we have to do is try it on. I know right now, it looks like a piece of fabric with holes in it, but I promise you, this is a beautiful piece.

Long cardigan with t-shirt and jeans

How to make a long cardigan

I absolutely love this. I am going to be wearing this as much as possible. I'm probably going to make a few others, using fabrics with different colors and patterns.

What I really like about this long cardigan or duster is its versatility. I can dress it up, I can dress it down, I can wear it on the beach with my swimsuit, I can wear it with a belt. The sky's the limit!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try it out for yourselves. Let me know what you think of this super easy, no-sew DIY long cardigan turned out.  

Suggested materials:
  • 2 Yards of cotton spandex material
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
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  • Maymay Maymay on Aug 20, 2021

    Great idea. I love these dusters. Will be making one soon👍🏾