One Cardigan 6 Ways

Kastle Waserman
by Kastle Waserman

With winter's arrival, one item to reach for is a cardigan sweater. This simple classic separate can be a lifesaver to layer every which way. And not just in winter but in summer too when you go from hot outside to air conditioning inside.

When it comes to cardigan styles, you can choose from solid colors s to those with patterns or embroidery. I have a rainbow of solid colors, so I always have one to grab to match my outfits. I buy them a little on the thin side so I can layer over them with a bigger sweater or jacket in colder months or carry them in my bag in the summer if I need something in the evening when it's chilly.

No cardigan sweaters in your collection? Time to get shopping!

Long cardigan

Embroidered cardigan

V-neck cardigan

Fun print cardigan

Open Cardigan

Keep your look casual and light by wearing your cardigan sweater open. This will keep your arms warm without covering the rest of your outfit, such as a fabulous dress.

Cardigan Buttoned-up

Those buttons are on your cardigan for a reason. If you're always tugging at your sweater when it's open, feel free to button it up. This will keep you a little warmer as well.

Belted Cardigan

A cardigan that runs a little longer can look great when you add a belt. It adds polish and style to your outfit with an accessory and nips in the waist to give you a little more of an hourglass shape.

Cardigan Over the Shoulders

There's something so feminine about delicately draping a cardigan over your shoulders. This will help keep your arms warm when there is a chill in the air and can add some color or a print layer to your outfit.

Cardigan With a Sweater Chain Clip

In the 1950s, a woman could not do without a sweater chain clip for her cardigan. This fun little accessory will keep your sweater a bit closed when you have it over your shoulders or don't want to button up. It just clips onto each side of the sweater and looks a little like a necklace. Choose one with rhinestones or novelty characters and flaunt your personal style.

Cardigan On Its Own as a Top

Don't underestimate the power of the cardigan as a top on its own. The soft texture works as a sexy separate that calls back to the retro "sweater girls" look. Pair it with a skirt, pants or jeans.

Now that you know some ways to wear a cardigan sweater, which one will you try first?

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