Cheap Ways to Look Classy

It can sometimes feel impossible to look and feel your best without a spending an absolute fortune. However it can be achieved! Read on for style, beauty and wellness tips to look elegant and classy every single day without breaking the bank.

Adding a big, floppy hat to any outfit will instantly make you look elegantly glamorous. Just think of those amazing hats Audrey Hepburn wore in My Fair Lady! Channel your inner Eliza (the polished version) with a giant straw hat which will not only earn you envious looks but will also keep the sun's harmful rays off of your face, helping to combat the signs of ageing.

To add a fun, modern flair to the look, go for a slogan hat like this budget-friendly one from Katie Loxton.

A clever trick to look more classy is to pay attention to how balanced your outfit is. The dress above has a low bardot neckline that shows off my shoulders and a little cleavage, so the longer hemline balances out the look nicely. It's by no means boring - the tiered style and beautiful floral pattern sees to that. Try heeding the age-old advice of showing cleavage or legs, never both, and you'll see that you don't have to put everything on display to look attractive.

Speaking of shoulders, halternecks and bardot necklines are a wonderful way to dress sexy in a sophisticated way. Shoulders are highly underrated! If you normally make your cleavage or your legs the focal point, try switching it up and showing iff your shoulders or your collarbone instead. It's subtly sexy and oh so classy.

Sometimes it feels like wearing jewellery is pointless. You either spend hundreds or even thousands on a barely noticeable piece of jewellery or you buy costume jewellery that turns your skin green.

Never fear! There are expensive-looking jewellery items out there that don't cost the earth. Keep an eye out for hammered gold, organic-shaped 'pearls', and dainty cubic zircona pieces. If you go for a giant sparkly ring for £3.50, it will be more noticeable that it's not a diamond. Smaller sparkly rings and bracelets will be less obvious and more elegant.

Another useful tip is to put your hair up when you're wearing drop earrings. Unless your style is very bohemian, long hair and long earrings does not look balanced. Plus, people might not be able to see your beautiful earrings if they're hidden by all that hair.

Before we finish, here's a few more budget-friendly tips to look classy everyday:

  1. Look after your skin. The Clinique 3-step system is £20 for a travel-size set and all three products are actual miracle-workers with different formulas for 3-4 different skin types. You'll save money in the long-run by buying the full-size versions but if you're low on funds the travel set is brilliant and will last you about a month.
  2. Declutter your make-up kit. There's no need to be contouring, highlighting and doing crazy eyeshadow looks every single day (unless you're doing it for fun of course!). A no-makeup makeup look is quick and easy to achieve, doesn't take a lot of products (which means less items to replace each payday) and looks like you really know what you're doing when it comes to makeup.
  3. Tap water is free! OK it's not free but if you make water your main drink each day, you will save money on other things like tea, coffee and juice. You may also notice benefits such as clearer skin, feeling less tired and even weight loss (if that is something you're aiming towards).

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