3 Leggings Street Style Outfit Inspos

Sarah East
by Sarah East

Today I bring to you 3 cozy legging outfits that are put together enough to wear in public but comfortable enough that you could wear them to bed. I love feeling like I’m in my pajamas but looking like I can hit up the grocery store without the shame of being in pajama pants in public!

sneak peak of my cozy leggings outfit inspos. Read below to find out where to snag these comfy treasures.❤️

Outfit number one!

faux leather leggings are definitely on my list of “a few of my favorites things”. They are so flattering and comfortable. They instantly make me feel like a BA! And they go with like EVERYTHING! In this getup I am sporty these gems with a knit sweater I picked up at Ross. I love the shoulder cut outs! Pair these with a carhartt beanie, statement necklace, and checker vans, and I’m ready to hit the school pickup line. Check out these hyperlinks to recreate a similar outfit for yourself.

faux leather leggings

knitted sweater

checkered vans

Outfit number two!

These legging are making their second appearance in my outfit inspos this month. I also wore them with my sporty wear. And why wouldn’t I?! They are adorable! And so so so comfortable. Also, can’t we all just agree that camo basically goes with everything. Anyways, I’m sporting these cozy camo leggings with a T shirt that I picked up at target in the mens department. I brought that baby home, cut off the bottom hem, and put some side slits in it. Bam! Instantly more feminine graphic tee. And who doesn’t need a reminder to “be kind”? I know I do. I paired these with a faux leather jacket from oldnavy, a statement necklace, and some lace up vans. hit these hyperlinks so you can get this look in your world!

camo leggings

be kind tee


And last but never ever least, outfit number three! Kind of like camo, leopard print totally goes with everything. They are basically the new beige. I scored these, omg so soft and comfortable, leggings at Ross. I decided to sport a printed kimono with them. No regrets! Although the patterns are totally different and don’t “match”; matching isn’t the point. They don’t have to “match”, they just have to “go”. And imo they did. Plus it was all so flowy and comfortable. Almost too comfortable. I had to pull out the cowgirl boots to bring this lounger into the street style that I needed it to be. I felt so funky, fun, and eclectic. It’s just a happy outfit. And what outfit is complete without a statement necklace. No outfit! That’s what one. 😂

check out these hyperlinks to recreate this fun getup for yourself.

leopard leggings


cowgirl boots

thank you so much for checking out my 3 cozy leggings outfit inspos. Stay tuned to see what I’m going to be sporting next! Let me know if there is anything you would like to see. Catch you next time!💗

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