Dressed Up or Down? How to Style Black Blazer Outfit 2 Different Ways

If you don’t have a black blazer in your closet, get one. The black blazer is a piece everyone needs; it’s so sophisticated, so versatile, and you can dress it up or dress down.

For office workers, it’s an obvious essential but even if you like to keep it lowkey, it’s an easy way to add a bit of poise to any outfit.

Elegant, casual, or even edgy—whatever your vibe, a black blazer is a staple piece to compliment your style.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to style a black blazer into a dressy look and a day-to-day fit.

What to wear with a black blazer

What to wear with a black blazer to dress it up

The most obvious way to dress up a blazer is to go for a more modest, work-appropriate office fit, but that’s no fun. Besides, who said you can’t be classy and sexy?

With this sexy lace bodysuit, that’s exactly the look you’ll achieve for the perfect date night look.

Pair the bodysuit and blazer with a pair of leather-look skinny jeans and some sexy, strappy heels and you’ve already leveled up.

I love to wear this look out to a bar, especially on cooler days, and even without the heels, wearing all black elongates my legs.

Toss in some gold accessories for a classier, sexier, and bolder look. I went with a chunky gold chain necklace and some gold circle earrings. Add a matching clutch, and you’re ready to party.

How to wear a black blazer casually

How to wear a black blazer casually

To dress down your black blazer, you can never go wrong with jeans, a tee, and some sneakers. Scrunch up the sleeves on your blazer for that casual, but clearly stylish flair.

Any kind of jeans will work, but I’m wearing my mom jeans. The distressed denim and the sleek blazer have a really cool juxtaposition. 

Similarly, any kind of tee and sneakers will do but I went for a basic white. The light colors contrasted with the black blazer really add dimension to the outfit.

My shoes had a small tannish brown detail on the back and, deciding to play off that warmth, I paired it with a layered gold necklace, leopard print stud earrings, and this mustard yellow cross-body bag for that much-needed splash of color.

This outfit is great for your average, everyday errands run or even when catching up with other moms for a play-date.

Black blazer outfit

How to style black blazer outfits

That’s it! That’s how you can dress a black blazer both up and down. This piece is so versatile and can work well with just about any style.

Now that you know how to wear a black blazer casually and formally, I can’t wait to hear about what black blazer outfits you come up with!

Let me know your favorite way to style a black blazer in the comments below. 

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