4 Adorable DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings for the Festive Season

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make polymer clay Christmas earrings. This DIY is so festive and fun, it will really get you into the holiday spirit. From candy canes to Christmas trees, wreaths to snowmen, feel free to get as creative and funky as you would like!

Tools and materials:

  • Multiple colors of polymer clay 
  • Needle 
  • Jump rings 
  • Earring hooks 
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue 
  • Wire
  • Credit card

Polymer clay candy cane earrings

Rolling a long log of red polymer clay

1. Make a red log

Take a piece of red polymer clay and roll it into an ultra-thin line. 

Rolling a long log of white polymer clay

2. Make a white log

Take a piece of white polymer clay and roll it into an ultra-thin line as well.

Line them up next to each other

Twisting the red and white clay together

3. Intertwine the logs together

Place your left hand on the center of the strips to hold them in place. 

Then, using your index finger, roll the two colors together to create a twist. 

Continue down the strip until it is completely intertwined. 

Trimming off the excess polymer clay

4. Cut the excess

Trim off any excess color that may be longer than the other color. 

Shaping the polymer clay into candy canes

5. Shape into candy canes

Shape the line into candy cane shapes by cutting them using your fingers. 

Make sure to leave over some of this white and red intertwined clay for later. 

DIY polymer clay candy cane earrings

6. Bake 

Once you have finished shaping all the candy canes, bake according to the instructions for your polymer clay.

DIY polymer clay Christmas tree earrings

Flattening green polymer clay with fingers

1. Make a flat log

Take green polymer clay and shape the clay into a flat and long line.

Cutting the polymer clay into triangles

2. Make triangles

Using a credit card, trim off the edge in a diagonal shape and then continue the diagonal pattern into the clay to create individual triangles. 

Making Christmas tree polymer clay earrings

3. Make the Christmas tree shape

Firm up the shape of each triangle using your fingers. 

Make sure there are no stray pieces of clay.

Making little trunks for the Christmas trees

4. Make the trunks

Take brown polymer clay and roll it into an ultra-thin line. Then, break up bits using your nail, to create tiny tree-trunk-shaped pieces. 

Attaching the trunks to the trees

5. Attach the trunks 

Attach each log shaped piece to each green triangle to create trees.

Adding little stars to the Christmas trees

6. Top the Christmas tree with a star

Take yellow polymer play and break off the pieces into little log-like bits and press them into a star shape. Then, attach to the top of each tree. 

Mini Christmas trees made of polymer clay

7. Decorate the Christmas tree

Using the rest of the red and white clay pattern that you set aside earlier, separate the line into ultra-thin strands and drape them across each tree diagonally. These look like tinsel, beads, or ribbon.

DIY polymer clay Christmas tree earrings

7. Make a hole

Poke a hole in the ornament on top of each tree using a needle. This is so you can attach the earrings fastenings later.

8. Bake

Bake as directed.

DIY polymer clay Christmas wreath earrings

Balls of colored polymer clay

1. Make multi-colored balls

Take multiple different colors of polymer clay and roll them into a bunch of tiny balls. 

Making DIY polymer clay Christmas earrings

2. Bake

Bake the tiny balls.

Making wire hoops for the earring design

3. Make the hoops

Shape two pieces of wire into hoops and wrap where they meet around each other to seal it.

Loop a jump ring onto the hoops.

Hot gluing the balls into a wreath shape

4. Add the pattern

Hot glue the bunch of mini balls you created into the shape of a wreath. Continue until the entire hoop is covered. 

Inserting a bell charm into the jump ring

5. Add a bell charm

Attach a bell charm to the bottom of the hoop using a jump ring and pliers. 

DIY polymer clay snowman earrings

Shaping white polymer clay into snowmen

1. Make snowmen

Take white polymer clay and shape it into two miniature snowmen. 

Adding black details to the snowman

2. Make the features

Using black polymer clay, carefully shape a hat, three buttons, eyes and a mouth for each of the snowmen using your fingers. 

Making a scarf for the snowman

Take more of your leftover candy cane striped clay pattern and wrap a strand around each snowman’s neck for a scarf. 

Adding a yellow stripe to the snowman's hat

Use yellow polymer clay to make a stripe for the snowmen’s hats. 

Making a hole in the earring design

3. Make a hole

Poke a hole clean through the center of the snowmen’s hats using a needle. 

DIY polymer clay snowmen earrings

4. Bake 

Once your snowmen are complete, bake in the oven until firm. 

Adding the earrings fastenings

Gluing a jump ring to the candy cane

1. Add a jump ring

Loop a jump ring through the candy cane and secure it with super glue.

Attaching an earring hook

2. Attach the earring hook

Attach an earring hook using a pair of pliers. 

Inserting a jump ring into the hole

3. Add the jump ring and earring hook through the holes

Using a pair of pliers, loop a jump ring through the hole you made at the top of the trees, then loop in the earring hook and close the jump ring with the pliers. 

Do the same thing with the snowmen.

Adding an earring hook to the wreath earring

4. Add the earring hook

Attach the earring hook to the hoop by looping it onto the jump ring you inserted onto the hoop earlier. 

Polymer clay Christmas earring ideas

Festive clay earrings tutorial
Polymer clay Christmas earrings

Polymer clay Christmas tree earrings

Polymer clay Christmas earrings tutorial

There you have it, the finished looks! There is so much variety and color with this DIY: you can customize each earring to your preferences. These clay Christmas-themed earrings are so versatile and fun! 

Try this at home as a fun Christmas activity and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Multiple colors of polymer clay
  • Needle
  • Jump rings
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