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Hello Readers. Let me start by apologizing or the glaring pale skin you are seeing on your screen. Do not adjust your device, I am that fair skinned. It can't be changed, it is what it is. I can't tan. I don't try.

So, by now you have figured out that I made a bathing suit top from this dress. Let me tell you the why and the how of this project.

I liked this dress a lot and it fit well through the body. It was stretchy and it would never wrinkle so I originally planned to shorten the straps and keep it as a dress. I didn't do that because I got an idea for this bathing suit top. The dress was a stretchy nylon/lycra/polyester type fabric that felt like bathing suit fabric to me. I never like swim suits from the store. They are always too low cut, too expensive, and they never fit quite right. Maybe I could make this into a bathing suit top I would really like.

Here is a look at the inside of the dress. It had 2 layers of fabric so, it didn't need a lining. And those 2 layers are just what I needed for the next step. See the big seam just under the bodice?

 I cut a small slit in the bodice just above the seam. I only cut the inside layer. Why? I needed to insert breast cups. I am 47, and I have 3 kids, I breast-fed them all. I need some coverage and support in the chest area if you know what I mean. 2 layers of fabric is nice but not enough for me.

The slit is to insert these molded breast cups in each side, between the 2 layers of the dress. You can buy these cups at the fabric store but I removed these from a bralette because I didn't want the extra padding. I didn't know what I would do with them until this day. They will provide some support and coverage in the chest.

I folded them up and slid them in. I shifted them around until they seemed to be in the right places.

I used that big seam again to cover the slits I had cut. I just pulled the seam up and over the cuts and hand sewed it. I also stitched the molded cups to the seam and the inside layer of the dress, all at the same time. They won't move or shift around.

The next step was to cut the skirt off. I wanted a little ruffle to come down far enough to make sure my stomach never saw the light of day. The dress material matched the high-waist black bathing suit bottoms I already had. I also shortened the straps of the dress.

The top crossed over itself so I stitched it closed by hand to keep it from being too low or opening up. I just needed a few stitches to sew it closed. I want to play with my 4 year old and stay covered. (I don't want any wardrobe malfunctions.)

When I said I wanted to play with my 4 year old I meant it. I won't be swimming the English Channel in this. If I was an athlete (I'm not.) and swam vigorously (No.), I might need a different bathing suit. This top is full coverage and that's what I wanted. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

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