Holiday Style on a Budget

Each holiday season every boutique and store offers the cutest pieces to wear to holiday parties, dinners and events. I get kinda bummed each year because in my current world, I don’t really have many “events” to dress up for so I have to pass on so many of them due to lack of reason or place to wear. I keep saying I need to host a big fancy Christmas party just so I can wear something really cute! With that said, I do have dinners and small gatherings so I did pick up some affordable pieces that would be great to dress up for those, yet not so “special” that I may never wear them again.

This cropped lace sweater from Shein is so cute and nice quality at a good price point. It was a little shorter than I had expected so pairing it with high waisted pants is a must for me.

These high waisted coated skinny pants are also from Shein. They are super high waisted, and very long for you tall ladies. I had to under-cuff them several inches to fit well with these open toed bootie shoes that I grabbed from Payless before they closed years ago.

The lace detail on the sweater sleeves is so good. Holiday casual on a budget!

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