Styling Tutorial: How to Dress Expensive on a Budget

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Maybe your budget right now doesn’t permit a full wardrobe overhaul, but you still want to upgrade your style to something that feels more classy.

Follow along with this tutorial to learn some tips and tricks for how to dress expensive on a budget.

Structured tweed

1. Structured tweed

Tweed is a great option when you want to give off that expensive, Chanel looking vibe with your outfits.

Even paired with jeans, this black and white tweed blazer is classy and makes me look put together.

Just be sure the jeans are simple and classic, without any fraying or distressed elements.

Blazers are also amazing structural pieces that add that expensive charm to an outfit. They are so versatile–you can wear them to a business meeting, for date night or really any occasion.

Try adding a polished pair of flats in neutral colors and a black, structural bag for an expensive look.  

Structured tweed

2. Layered and tailored

Tailored pieces can equate to a pair of trousers like what I’m wearing here:

Layered and tailored

Again, opt for muted colors for a timeless, classic feel. Let’s break down this layered look!

Starting from the bottom, I’m wearing black, leather ankle booties. I love the subtle, croc embossed print. This minimal detail ensures that the print is still classy. 

Black boots

This layered look would not be complete without a blazer!

I’ve added a black, leather one to match the booties. The gold buttons add an expensive, luxurious touch. 

Layered and tailored

Finish off the look with a black, structural bag with gold accents.

This one is less bulky than the purse I styled in the first outfit, which may work better for you. 

Layered and tailored

3. Business casual 

For my final, expensive-looking outfit, I’ve chosen fitted silk pants with a classic button down top. 

Business casual

This classic top even has a tweed accents on the cuffs as well as on the neckline for an extra bougie vibe!

Business casual

For shoes I’m wearing a pair of classic, black pumps. I feel like I can pair them with almost anything.

Business casual

For outerwear, I’m adding a black peacoat–another staple from my wardrobe. 

Business casual

Finally, I’m adding a white bag with gold accents.

Business casual

How to dress expensive on a budget

There are so many ways to look stylish and how to look expensive, even on a budget.

You can work with what you have already in your closet, focusing on certain elements like texture, structure and material to elevate any look.

For more expensive-looking outfit ideas, check out my post on how to style a blazer, 5 different ways.

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