How I Style Fleece Leggings

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

As a stay at home mom who works part time, and from home, I'm a huge fan of leggings. Now that it's winter time I've found fleece leggings are my go pants of choice. I love how warm they are and the comfort they provide. Here is how I style them.

For me, its all about the layers. I love to stay warm and cozy especially during the winter so I like start with a base layer of a t-shirt, cami or tank top of some sort.

Next, I like to continue the comfort with a warm hoodie or crewneck sweater. The one pictured here is from Target and its one that I've been wearing so often because of how cozy it is.

Lastly, I like to add a jacket. The one pictured here is an Old Navy boyfriend slightly distressed jean jacket. This is something I would wear for the warmer days and for the colder days I usually go with a down jacket when running errands. I also pair it with some type of winter hat, such as a beanie. I also like to pair this outfit with some chelsea boots, adidas sneakers or if the weather is really bad, duck boots.

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