How to Create a Unique Hair Clip Using Glass Beads

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
20 Minutes

I adore millefiori glass beads as they a so pretty and I wanted to find a way to make a pair of unique pretty hair accessories incorporating these colourful glass gems.

Millefiori beads

I choose blue and green florals and use enough beads to fill up the hair slide blank. These are easily available online to buy in various sizes and colours.

Glue into position

I repeat the process for the other hair clip so there are a pair the same colour. To let dry and set I position them so the beads won’t slide off and leave them a good twenty minutes to set fast.


I mix two equal pea sized blobs of epoxy resin glue and mix together well with a storer or stick . Be careful not to get it on your fingers. As it hardens quickly within about a minute or so means that you’ll have to work speedily.

I spread a thin layer of glue onto the metal clip getting to all the holes and right to edge and then quickly start adding the glass beads one by one into desired positions.

Beaded hair slides

I’m so pleased with the result and they are so unique and pretty.

Hair slide
Suggested materials:
  • Glass beads   (Amazon)
  • Hair slide blank   (Amazon)

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