How to Create Some Unique Hair Clips Using Old Crockery

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I am always looking for new unique ways to up cycle old stuff as well as help universe and recently came across these little blank hair clips crying out for a design!

Blank hair clips

Also I have a lot of broken crockery left over from another creative make and decided to use up some colourful patterned pieces .

Cutting old crockery

I use wheeled tile nippers to cut the old plates and cups and it’s so easy and always use eye goggles for protection.

I use the wheel to nibble the crockery into a small piece.

I prefer to use a little paper template which I made from creasing a piece of paper and cut it out so I know what size to cut crockery into.

Paper template

Once I have six little ceramic circles all the right size I use a sanding carbide stone grinder to smooth away all the edges. It’s a good way to make sure they fit the little circle cup.


I choose varied colours and patterns and then it’s time to mix some two part epoxy resin glue.


It takes a pea size blob of each and mix throughly and then spread some inside the little cup and some on base of china pieces. It hardens within minutes so it’s fast.

Little china circle

After a few minutes drying they are ready to wear!

I love the original retro look!

Ceramic hair clips
Ceramic hair clips
Suggested materials:
  • Blank hair clips   (Amazon)
  • Epoxy resin   (Amazon)

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