How to Create Unique Hair Slides Using Old Crockery

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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1 Hour

I love to recycle old crockery as I feel it deserves to live on and be appreciated again. The designs and patterns are so pretty it’s with endless possibilities.

Old crockery

Best mosaic nippers!

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The hair barrette clip I found on line is ideal to create with empty cups that will fit things like pretty, large beads and in this project I’m going to try some vintage crockery pieces.

Hair barratte blank

I use wheeled tile nippers to cut some pieces that have nice patterns and florals. Remember to use protective eye goggles .


I make a little paper template by drawing the inside indent onto paper then cutting it out to use as a guide on the china pieces. I draw around the paper circle to guide the wheeled tile nippers.


Trim slowly the excess ceramic by nibbling around the drawn circle. Soon there’s a design ready to sand smooth.

Cutting the shape

I use a grinding stone attachment to a dremel and it smooths the rough edges well.


Once the circles are snug fit into the little cups on hair clip the next step is to use two part epoxy resin glue to secure in place .

Epoxy resin

I use upturned jar lid to mix the two equal pea size parts of glue and mix thoroughly and place a little into each cup ready to place ceramic circles in place .

Placing the ceramic

I leave to dry for 30 mins and get presto all ready to wear!

Vintage crockery Hair barrette
Hair barrette
Suggested materials:
  • Two part epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)
  • Hair clips   (Amazon)

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