1 Scarf Into 3 Unique Looks

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Hi everyone. I used 1 scarf to create 3 unique looks. Let’s take a look at them - I hope this post will give you some inspiration.

Summery beach top

1. Summery beach or festival top 

This first look would look great for the beach or a festival.

I’ve tied my scarf into a long, V-neck top with a cute ring-twist in the middle.

This style feels very elegant and classy to me.

Bandeau top with ring-choker

2. Bandeau top with ring-choker 

This next scarf top look is a bandeau style with a ring-choker for some extra glam. This would be a fun look for a party or a night out. 

Bandeau top with ring-choker

Although it’s cropped, you can pair this scarf top style with some high-waisted pants and a blazer to keep things more conservative.

Shoulder-wrap style

3. Shoulder-wrap style

For this third look, I created an elegant look that wrapped over one of my shoulders and left the other bare.

Again, this look would be great for a party or a night-out. I added a blazer and high-waisted pants to keep the look classy.

1 scarf into 3 unique looks

What do you think of these scarf top ideas? Which is your favorite? Comment down below.

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