How to Wear a Silk Scarf With a Shirt: 3 Unique Looks for the Office

Those who know me know that I love scarves. I think that they are a very stylish, yet often overlooked, accessory. Perhaps this is because many people are unsure of how to style them.

Recently I received an oblong silk scarf as a gift. In this lookbook, I will show you a few ways how to wear a silk scarf with a shirt. For reference, the scarf I’m styling measures 56x6 inches (142x15cm).

Style 1 - The tie

Styling a silk scarf with a collared shirt

1. Fold the scarf

Fold the scarf lengthways with the wrong sides facing each other (if your scarf has a design on each side, then you can, of course, fold it either way). Place the middle of the scarf around your neck.

Tying a knot in the scarf

2. Tie a knot

Next, make a knot on one side.

Creating a tie with the silk scarf

3. Pass the other end through

Widen the knot and then pass the other end through it.

How to tie an oblong silk scarf

Here we have the first look! I think of it as a bit of a feminine take on a classic tie. Obviously, your “tie” will have a wider appearance if you're working with a wider scarf.

This looks really classy, and it's great for wearing in a work setting.

Style 2 - The bow

Start with your scarf styled as shown in the first look, and now we’re going to do a variation on it. 

Creating a bow at the collar of the shirt with a scarf

1. Pass one end through

Pass the end of one side of the scarf through the knot.

How to wear an oblong silk scarf

2. Pull it out

Now you have what I call a petal. Gently pull the petal to widen it. 

Pulling the ends of the scarf through

3. Pull the other end through

Now take the other end of the scarf and pull that through the knot as well. 

Pussy-bow office scarf look

Getting the right proportions are the key to success for this style, but you can play around with different variations.

You can place the knot lower and make the petals longer or shorter. You can also have both ends of the scarf hanging down or tuck one of them away in one of the petals.

Another option is to make the two petals symmetrical or go for an asymmetric look, with one of them bigger than the other.

Style 3 - The collar

The last style is quite unusual. Put the scarf around your neck, making sure that it is centered and you have the same amount of material on either side. 

Pinning the oblong silk scarf at the back

1. Pin at the back

Bring the two sides to the back and secure them in place with a safety pin and hide it under the collar of your blouse.

How to wear an oblong silk scarf

It will look like this at the back.

How to wear a silk scarf with a shirt

This style looks like a collar to me. It’s unique, elegant, and the perfect accompaniment to a collared blouse.

How to wear a silk scarf with a shirt

I hope that this brief lookbook has taught you some new things about how to wear an oblong silk scarf. Instead of just wrapping a scarf around your neck, there are many stylish ways to wear one that are all very easy to achieve. 

Let me know which was your favorite look in the comments below.

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