How I Tie a Neck Scarf to Give Your Blouse a POP

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A neck scarf is a great way to add a little punch to your blouse, and it’s also a great alternative to a tie with a suit.

Follow along to learn how I tie a necktie for that POP!

Tools and materials:

  • Square, silk scarf
Folding scarf

1. Make a large triangle, then fold toward the middle

Fold your scarf into a triangle. Then fold the right angle tip about ¾ of the way up.

2. Fold it into thirds

As is, fold your scarf into thirds to create a strip, like this: 

Folding scarf

3. Wrap scarf

Wrap it around the back of your neck. Make one side longer than the other. 

Wrapping scarf

Wrap the long piece all the way around the short piece, keeping your finger in the middle.

Tying scarf

4. Tie scarf

Then take the tip of the once longer piece up through the middle (between the knot and your neck) and down through the knot. 

Tying scarf

Pull at each tail to tighten.

This is so much better than a regular knot because you decide how long the ends lay and it can be adjusted with a simple pull.

Elegant neck scarf

How I tie a neck scarf to give your blouse a POP

Tying a neck scarf is simple and a sure way to give your top that POP!

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Suggested materials:
  • Square, silk scarf

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