Can Apple Cider Vinegar Really Give Your Hair Highlights?

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Hey, guys! Today, I’m going to be dyeing my hair again, but this time with apple cider vinegar. In a previous tutorial, I used turmeric and many of you said that it doesn’t show as well on black hair. Hopefully, the apple cider vinegar will help to lighten your hair a bit better, but of course, it depends on your hair type. What may work for some people with natural ingredients might not work for others, so it’s just trial and error. First, I’ll be showing you how to use it and then I’ll show you how my hair progresses. Let’s get started!

How to use the apple cider vinegar solution

Tools and materials:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Spray bottle
Apple cider vinegar hair rinse

1. Fill a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar

To get started, I’ve filled up a spray bottle with 3/4ths apple cider vinegar and the rest with some filtered water. Just give it a shake and it’s ready to use.

Spraying the apple cider vinegar on hair

2. Spray

It’s really easy to use this technique. All you do is spray it all over the parts of your hair that you want to lighten. I’m going to try it all over. You can even just do the ends to test before doing your entire head. You don’t need to spray the entire bottle; just do it until your hair is quite saturated. It smells really strongly of apple cider vinegar for a while, but it fades as your hair dries.

Sitting in the sun to start bleaching process

3.Sit in the sun

Sit in the sun for a minimum of 15 minutes to ensure that the sunlight helps bleach and lighten your hair. I’ll probably be sitting out in the sun for about an hour, because it's winter and it’s cold, and I love the sun. Afterward, let it sit on your hair for about three hours more, and then just rinse it out with water without shampooing or conditioning. You can shampoo and condition only after the third day. I’ll be doing this technique for the next seven days, as it’s important to do this technique over a few consecutive days because it won’t work if you just do it once.

Apple cider vinegar for hair highlights

Day 1:

Here’s the “before” shot - or what my hair looked like on the first day.

Day 2 of ACV highlights process

Day 2:

Not much has changed except now my hair is oilier, so thankfully I can wash it tomorrow. You can’t see too much of a difference, it’s still pretty dark, so I’ll go outside again today for another hour and hopefully it will start to compound and my hair will start to look lighter. 

Day 3 of ACV highlights process

Day 3:

It’s a little bit cloudy today, and there’s not too much sun so I’m not sure how it will go in lightening my hair. It hasn’t changed too much, but in the end, I’ll do a final photo and see if it’s lightened a little bit. Tonight, I can actually wash my hair and clean it, which I’m excited about. I’m just going to sit outside for about half an hour since it’s a bit chilly and not much sun, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

Day 4 of ACV highlights process

Day 4:

I still haven’t noticed too much of a change. My hair’s a bit damp here since I just sprayed more apple cider vinegar, but you can sort of see a very slight lighting in my hair, mainly at the back. Other than that, it hasn’t been super strong. It probably works a bit better in the summer when the sun’s stronger, but I’ve come out at midday to try and get the peak amount of sun. I’m going to stay out for a couple of hours to see if that might help get a lot of sunshine onto my hair and lighten it. Hopefully, we’ll start to see a bit more of a change.

Apple cider vinegar for hair highlights

 Day 5.

Day 6 of ACV highlights process

Day 6:

It’s sunny today! I’m so happy because it’s been cloudy the past two days and I don’t know how effective it’s been, but it actually looks like it’s lightning now with some tricks of the light which I’m really excited about. I’ve refilled my bottle since it’s almost empty and I’m going to spray it on again and sit here for a good two hours. Maybe in the summer you only need to sit outside for 15 minutes, but because in the winter, the sun is less strong, you should stay outside for longer. My hair is super greasy and needs to be washed tonight, so I’ll spray it, leave it on for a couple of hours, and then go wash it off.

Apple cider vinegar highlights

Day 7:

Just gonna do a bit of sun-tanning today, get a bit of vitamin D while I’m outside and position myself so my hair gets the best sunlight.

Result of apple cider vinegar rinse

Can Apple Cider Vinegar really give your Hair Highlights?

Here’s the final product of the apple cider vinegar rinse for the week! I must say it’s not as loud as I thought it might go, but it’s winter, so the sun isn’t as strong as I said before. If you’re doing this, I’d recommend staying outside for two hours rather than just one. I’m actually pretty happy because it got lighter and tinted in some sections, especially the bottom. I think if you did this for longer or in the summer, it would be much more effective, though I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Let me know what you guys think!

Suggested materials:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Spray Bottle

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  • Mary Njus Mary Njus on Jul 25, 2023

    Used Sunin as a teen. It changes your hair color but it always got too orangey. It was the style back them since we didn’t have the beach to naturally highlight. My granddaughter was born in Hawaii. 3 years of Hawaiian sun and now California sunshine. Now she has some Beautiful highlights! Can’t get that from a bottle. Lol

  • Vallaree Spires Vallaree Spires on Jul 25, 2023

    Have you tried again now that it’s summer time?