The Best Way to Apply Makeup on Mature Skin: Tips & Tricks Over 50

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15 Minutes

In this tutorial, I'll show you the best way to apply makeup on mature skin. One of the issues, when you’re older, is making makeup work for you so it doesn’t look like a heavy mask. Applying makeup to mature skin is important because it helps brighten a dull face and makes you feel prettier.

I'm using makeup from Look Fabulous Forever, but you could replicate the same techniques with your own makeup. Here are some of my best tips for applying makeup for older women!

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Tools and materials:

  • Primers: face, eye, and lip
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Lipstick
  • Brushes

Tip: Before you apply any makeup or primer, make sure your skin is hydrated. Lack of moisture when you’re older makes you look dull.

Applying primer and foundation together

1. Priming and foundation

Face primer is fantastic for older skin. It fills those fine lines and open pores, forming a wonderful base for foundation. Think of it as when a painter uses primer before painting so there is a beautiful finish!

I like to save time, so I put a pea-size blob of primer on the back of my hand and then add some foundation to it. I swirl the two together with a foundation brush and apply it evenly to the skin.

This evens out the skin tone and covers up some of the blemishes. I have acne rosacea and tinted moisturizer does not give me enough coverage.

Applying concealer to mature skin

2. Apply concealer

I apply concealer to all the areas that are uneven, blemished, or need extra coverage. The concealer I’m using matches the foundation but is a heavier, creamier texture with a higher pigment density. I use a brush to put the concealer on and tap with a finger to blend. 

Mature skin also gets a bluish tinge in the inner corner of the eyes, making that area look hollow, so I place some concealer there as well. 

Applying highlighter to older skin

3. Highlighter

Highlighter is brilliant to draw attention to the parts of your face you want to show off. I apply it just under the eyebrows and the top of the cheekbones with a brush. I gently pat it in. This step makes your face look fresh and dewy. 

Blush placement for mature faces

4. Cheeks

Women with mature skin need more color on their cheeks and lips. Applying blush on older faces is a bit different.

Look at the mirror with your eyes straight ahead. In the center of your face, just under the eye bone is where I put blush. I don’t apply it to the apple of the cheeks because frankly when you’re older, those apples have dropped. So the placement of the blush is quite high.

Pat the cream blush on the cheekbone and work it out to the edge, buffing any excess with a brush. I use cream blush because powder blush settles into older or lined skin. It may look like I added a bit too much but when I use the brush to blend it in, it looks just right.

Don’t skip adding blush because a pinky tone lightens the face and makes everyone look much prettier.

Applying lip primer to lips

5. Lips

Apply lip primer to the lips at the outside edges, rounding off with a finger, and letting it dry. This helps stop lipstick from feathering.

Applying lipstick with a lip brush

I then apply lipstick with a lip brush. Deposit color from the lipstick onto the brush and apply it to the lips. The brush gives a more exact line and definition.

I know most people just use lipstick straight from the tube - and I do too - but this step helps to give a better finish with a more precise finished look.

The best way to apply makeup on mature skin

The best way to apply makeup on mature skin

So now you can see the difference - even-toned skin, softer, and prettier without wearing a ton of makeup! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to apply makeup for older women.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or comment about anything in this tutorial. I love hearing from you and I’ll try to answer your questions!

Suggested materials:
  • Primers: face, eye, and lip
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
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  • Duvaldiva Duvaldiva on Nov 10, 2021

    You did amazing job, I really needed those tips.

    I’ll be 73 on my birthday and want keep my youthfulness as long as I can. Age is just a number. Thank you!