Affordable Pants for Work

I have two major problems with pants. First, I find them restricting and uncomfortable. Second, a pair of quality pants seems to cost a fortune. It seems like everywhere I look for pants, they’re never affordable. But the truth was, I really wasn’t looking that hard because I didn’t want to wear pants. I’ve gotten away with not having to buy any pants new for work. Maybe it was because I could sit at my desk all day. There was also that span of time that I worked from home and could wear any dress I wanted. So finding affordable pants was never a priority. At my new job, I’ve been more inclined to find some affordable pants. I work closer to the coast now so strong winds are a daily occurrence. I’ve only been there a month and have had my fair share of Marylin moments. So as much as I’d rather be in a dress all day, now was the time for me to invest in some pants.

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Pants (Under $50)

While I’m all for investing in quality pieces, I knew pants were not something I’d want to invest in right away. I needed to get my feet wet first before splurging on some pants. (If I question spending $100 on a dress sometimes do you really think I was going to spend that much on pants? Think again). My goal was to find pants that were under $100. I really wanted to keep it as close to $50 as I could with any given pair of pants. On top of the price requirement, I also wanted something that would be fun and reminiscent of my dresses. With those goals in mind, I set off.

High Waist Pants (Under $40)

Affordable Pants under $100

I’ve found a few places now that have affordable pants. You can find pants for under $100 at stores like Mango, New York & Company, Express, and Zara. I bought a couple pairs of pants from Mango and New York & Company, but didn’t love all of them. Mango has some great styles but I just didn’t like the way they looked on me, so I returned them. Shockingly, the two pairs of pants I bought from NY&C were perfect in every way. I now have my eyes on a pair of pants from Express & Zara so I might actually be converted to a pants person.

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