Create a Kentucky Derby Hat Party! Outfit Ideas Included

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Looking for something fun and creative to do with your kids or friends? The Kentucky Derby is on May 7th, racing may not be your thing but you can throw a party creating then wearing fun hats and outfits. Watch the derby together, or have sandwiches in the backyard, it's all about dressing up and having some fun!

It does not have to be expensive. Use what you have or hit your local thrift store. Grab your craft stash and glue guns. The best part is creating the outfit together.

The main key to any Derby outfit is the oversized hat, usually embellished to the hilt. think flowers, bows, bling, etc. I bought this hat last year on summer clearance for $6. Five & below sometimes carries them too. Walmart carries different styles for around $12. Creativity reigns in what you do to it.

It would be easy to skip the outfit and just do the hats, but how often do we get to dress up anymore? Even if you are staying in, have fun with it! You can wear anything since the hat is the queen of the show. For true derby style, think ritzy garden party, bold pastels or vibrant prints and colors. I bought this White House Black Market dress at Goodwill for $11.50. It's a great derby-style dress.

The shoes can be a fun project too! You can dress up an old pair with DIY flower clips or other embellishments. I painted (satin acrylic paint) an old pair of gold shoes to match the dress perfectly. The floral stem was $1 at Walmart and it created the clips and one for the belt.

A tablecloth, drinks, and snacks are all you really need if you are on a budget. Make sure to take lots of fun photos with your guests. Faux flowers make great decorations and photo props! Roses are the derby flower but any will do.

Big or small scale, it's about spending time together, creating wildly fun outfits, and capturing the moments. If you have young kids, they will LOVE this. Theme parties are always enjoyable, plus it's a fun and unique way to spend a Saturday night!

Suggested materials:
  • Hat   (Walmart)
  • Dress   (Goodwill)
  • Shoe paint   (Amazon)
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