1 Pair of Black Pants Styled 5 Ways

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic

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In this style guide, I'm going to be showing you five outfits that you can create with a pair of black pants. I'm in love with these pants because they have a bit of a wider leg cut which means that they're really comfortable and yet also very flattering - a real wardrobe staple. Let's get started with the first look:

Style black trousers


In this look, I'm wearing a simple white button-down with the black pants. This is a classic combination that you can't go wrong with. For shoes, I just threw on a pair of simple black heels. Since I'm styling all basics here, I wanted to add a chic element to the look, so I actually crossed tucked the shirt at the front. I really love how the shirt looks this way; it makes the whole outfit look a bit more interesting. I finished the look off by adding a belt to cinch my waist in. You can pop on any blazer or any coat with this look because anything will look flattering with black and white; you simply can't go wrong with it.

Styling black trousers

Lacy top

My second look includes this lacy top. After I bought this top, I wasn't sure whether it was a good purchase because I didn't know what to style it with, that was until I discovered that I could style it with these pants. I tucked the top into the pants, I again a black belt and then a pair of booties to finish it off. I love this all-black look. When you're styling all black, you should always make sure that you include different textures; otherwise, it will look a bit bland. I achieved a textured look with the lacy top. 

Easy black trousers style

Silky shirt

My third look includes this beautiful silky cream shirt. I adore how flattering it is and how it elevates whatever you wear it with. And of course, a shirt like this is a perfect match with a pair of simple black pants. I styled the shirt by tucking it in the pants. To finish the look, I cinched the waist with a white belt. I also popped on some white sandals, which tie in nicely with the white belt.

How to style black trousers

Basics 2.0

This is another very basic look. I'm wearing a simple white top with some pearl details on the shoulders, and I tucked the front of it into the pants. Of course, black and white always look good together, but I added a plaid blazer to make the outfit a bit more interesting. The gray tones of the blazer match really well with the rest of the outfit. When it comes to heels, I added some black strappy sandals. I'm wearing the blazer over my shoulders which I think looks quite classy, but you can, of course, wear it normally if you want something a bit more practical. This look is so easy, and you can't go wrong with it.

Effortless black trousers style


All of the looks up until now have lacked a bit of color, so I'm bringing the color in this outfit. Here, I styled the pants with a beautiful knit shirt, and I popped a coat on top in a matching tone, creating a smart and put-together look. Beige tones always look flattering with black. To finish off, I added some pointed-toe heels also in beige.

In this lookbook, I went for basic pieces that most of us have in our wardrobes. I also really wanted to show off how beautiful and flattering these pants are. I simply adore the cut. I love that they're not really long but rather are ankle cut. I like styling them by rolling them up one or two times because I think that this adds something special to the whole appearance. 

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