How to Shop Your Closet: 19 Ways to Style Black Pants

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In this how-to-shop your closet tutorial, I’m going to take one item and style it a whole bunch of different ways.

Today's item in question is a pair of black pants. Mine are high-waisted with a boot-cut silhouette.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas on how to style black pants that are already in your closet. Let’s jump on in!

Minimal summer style

1. Minimal summer

For a minimal summer look, pair the pants with a simple white tank top and your favorite pair of sandals.

Throw on a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses to complete the look.

Not-so-basic style

2. Not-so-basic

To amp it up, switch out the tank top for a t-shirt and knot it at the waist.

This will reveal a subtle bit of skin and also draw attention to the slimmest part of your figure.

Keep on the same sandals or change them for sneakers.

Daytime to evening

3. Daytime to evening

Slide on a pair of black heels, and you’ve got yourself a simple yet classy evening look.

Rock n’ roll style

4. Rock n’ roll

To add some attitude, opt for your favorite band tee.

Make sure it has a black background to create a monochrome outfit that will elongate the figure.

A denim jacket brings some nice texture and helps to break up the black.

Pops of white contrast

5. Pops of white contrast

If you want a black-and-white look that isn’t so high-contrast, opt for a polka-dot blouse with white dots and a pair of white pumps. A checkered white blazer adds a touch of white that’s not so bright and in your face.

At work

6. At work

For a workwear look, combine a blouse with a patterned blazer and belt it at the waist.

The belt gives you a proportional look and shows just how long your legs are!

Proportion play

7. Proportion play

You can have fun playing with proportion by pairing the black pants with a long top or mini dress.

Belting the waist makes sure that you don’t end up looking like you have a really long torso and short legs. 

Black and white contrast

8. Black and white contrast

Here we have a more high-contrast black-and-white look.

Pop on a black turtleneck and then throw over a loose white t-shirt which will look gorgeous set against the dark background.


9. Outwear

Here are some examples of how you can add color to the look with your choice of outerwear.

Denim column style

10. Denim column

There is a principle in fashion that creating two long vertical columns down the center of your outfit will draw the eye up and down and elongate your figure.

You can achieve this with a soft denim jacket in light blue.

11. Dramatic details

To add some pizzazz, choose a blouse with dramatic sleeves. My one has striking flares on the end.

Then add a metallic jacket to spruce up the outfit even more and make for an eye-catching combination.

A statement bag is the cherry on the cake.

Texture mix

12. Texture mix

Bring in some textures with a warm cotton sweater and a long wool jacket. Playing around with different materials is another dimension of how you can add variety to your black pants outfits.

Tan focal point

13. Tan focal point

For an effortless yet striking look, opt for an all-black ensemble and then break it up with a tan belt with a large gold buckle.

Tan layers

14. Tan layers

We all know that tan has endless styling potential. Pair together different shades for a complementary layered look.

Chic monochrome

15. Chic monochrome

Now let’s create a chic and feminine look.

To do this, all you need to do is pop on a sleeveless black, corset-style top that will show off your shoulders and neckline.

A cream bag adds a touch of softness.


16. Under-statement

For a sexy spin, feature a piece of lingerie in your outfit.

A blazer over the top of an elegant bra will create a deep-v neckline without revealing too much.


17. Romance-inspired

A silk scarf doesn’t have to just be used as an accessory but can also be worn as a top.

Tie it into a sleeveless top for a romance-inspired look.

Winterized look

18. Winterized

To take these pants into the colder months, simply layer and layer and layer.

Details such as the gold buttons on the wool coat and the fur on the gloves will ensure that you can wrap up in style. 

Minimal chic

19. Minimal chic

I am a big proponent of the less is more principle.

If you don’t want to have to spend a long time thinking about your outfit, a white shirt worn open on top of a black turtleneck is all you need.

Minimal chic

How to shop your closet: Black pants outfits

And here is another example of how you can add color to an outfit with your outerwear option.

A long brown coat is incredibly versatile and will be a faithful companion for many years.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial on how to style black pants. Let me know what outfit was your favorite in the comments below.

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