3 Elegant Loungewear Outfit Ideas

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Ciao everyone! This week I'm sharing some easy style tips to dress up your favorite loungewear pieces.

I'm styling up and creating work-from-home appropriate outfits for a pair of sweatpants, a jumpsuit, and leggings. Most of these are loungewear outfit ideas and style tips can be applied without shopping.

Before shot

Here is my “before” image for these loungewear essentials.

1. How to dress up leggings

Instead of just pairing your black leggings with a nice shirt, take the look to the next level by contrasting the straight, tapered line of the leggings with a voluminous top. 

Try a crisp, oversized, menswear inspired shirt to add volume and structure to your comfy, stay at home look.

This nails that interesting, visual silhouette between the top and bottom pieces that looks structured and polished.

How to dress up leggings

Add accessories according to your style. I love a pair of statement earrings to help frame the face, along with the collar.


Here are a few general tips for styling leggings:

How to dress up leggings

2. How to dress up a jumpsuit

I love the one and done factor of wearing a jumpsuit.

You can swap this piece out for a dress if that’s more your style. As with most jumpsuits and dresses, I aim to accentuate the silhouette or change it up. 

Add a belt to cinch the jumpsuit even further at the waist.

How to dress up a jumpsuit

If you’re hesitant to try the belting technique because you think it doesn’t go well with your body type, try adding a layer on top. Try a vest, like mine, a blazer or even a cardigan.

This will create those “columns” on either side of your torso, so that the eye doesn’t really notice the width. Add accessories, especially if you want to dress up for a video chat.

This layering gives your outfit more thought and intention. Here are some general tips for styling a jumpsuit:

How to dress up a jumpsuit

3. How to dress up sweatpants

The first thing I think of when trying to counterbalance the looseness and casual vibe of sweatpants is considering the opposite side of the style spectrum.

What comes to my mind is a suit or a blazer, but we still want to be comfortable (let’s be real!).

Choose a fitted top to pair with tapered sweatpants. Then add an extra layer with a blazer to add structure. Try a boyfriend blazer, which has a bit more room than a more fitted suit.

How to dress up sweatpants

Then, mix it up with a pair of comfortable and feminine flats.

A pendant necklace can add some personal style as well as create a long V shape, which elongates the torso.

How to dress up sweatpants

Here are my general tips regarding how to dress up sweatpants:

How to dress up sweatpants

Loungewear outfit ideas

The key takeaways from this style tutorial are to pay attention to balancing your silhouette, play with proportions, ensure that textures are still comfortable and accessorize to bring out your personality.

I’d love to see how you’ve shopped your closet to create your own loungewear outfit ideas. Show us in the comments below!

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