Want to Rock the Old Money Aesthetic? Try These 3 Elegant Outfit Ideas

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

In this style guide, we are going to be talking about the old money aesthetic, which has been gaining a lot of popularity and traction on TikTok lately. We’re going to be talking about old money style, old money fashion rules, and I'll also be sharing three easy old money outfits. This is going to be fun!

What is Old Money?

Old money is basically generational wealth, also known as inherited wealth.

You might have heard of some famous families in the U.S. that are considered old money, such as the Kennedys, the Astors, the Vanderbilts. In Great Britain, you have aristocratic families with titles. For example, Princess Diana was from the aristocratic Spencer family.

You can learn more about Princess Diana's fashion in my tutorial on how to dress like Princess Diana.

What is the old money aesthetic?

Old money wealth comes with a particular mindset, and I would call it an investment mindset because it keeps quality and longevity in mind. The things that old money people invest in, whether it's a car, real estate, or fashion pieces, are timeless and more traditional because they're not going to go out of style.

What is the new money aesthetic?

All of this is opposed to new money. I would describe new money as that very L.A., Kardashian, influencer look - flashy, gaudy brands, and tight clothing. The new money aesthetic is all about a blatant flaunting of newfound personal wealth.

There is a saying, “money talks but wealth whispers.” Old money people don’t have to show off that they’re rich - they just are. They’re not out there flaunting it; they’re whispering it.

The old money aesthetic is aspirational. None of us are actually going to be old money unless we come from an old money family. The aesthetic is not about being old money or how much money you have in your bank account. It's about achieving that elevated preppy look.

With this in mind, let's play around with some old money outfits!

Tennis chic is often seen in old money style

Old money outfit 1: Tennis chic

A theme that you will see a lot in old money style is tennis: a tennis match, a tennis skirt, a tennis motif. In particular, a white tennis skirt is incorporated into a lot of old money outfits.

I’m wearing my white tennis skirt with a button-down shirt, a white headband, and a pearl necklace. A pearl necklace is another staple in old money outfits. As an extra, I grabbed a pink cardigan to tie around my neck. This is always a fun little sporty look.

An all-white outfit screams old money

Old money outfit 1: All white

For outfit number two, I’ve gone for white on white with cream and beige. There is something about white on white that always looks really elevated and expensive.

Across my shoulders, I’ve draped a beige cardigan for that preppy, upper-class feel. Wide brim white hats are also a big thing. Hats can take an outfit from zero to a hundred.

Monochrome chic is true old money fashion

Old money outfit 1: Black & white

The next outfit that crops up a lot in old money circles is the white and black combo, so I wanted to do my own take on that.

I have this white shift dress, and I’ve paired it with black accessories - black heels, a little black bag, and then some cat-eye sunglasses. This look, to me, is very New York socialite.

The old money aesthetic

I hope that my old money outfits give you a bit of inspiration for trying out the old money aesthetic. The key is timeless elegance and classic pieces. Just because you’re not part of the elite, doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you are!

Let me know which of these old money outfits was your favorite in the comments below.

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  • Heather Heather on Aug 28, 2021

    You look great in all the outfits, but I really like # 1!

  • Leslie Leslie on Dec 20, 2021

    I don't think that is "old money"fashion sense. it is just plain old classic fashion sense and taste that never goes out of style. If you want to waste money? Follow every style trend out there. Want to look beautiful and classy in well made clothing? Look for quality, good design and longevity of look and most important fit. You can wear Chanel today as well as the same in the 50's. Look at all the iconic designers that their looks have been time tested. Eg. Ralph Lauren. I have a Coach shoulder bag from the 50's that my Aunt gave to me. Still beautiful, still viable. It will never go out of style. Yes you can add quirky little add ons that enhance rather than distract, but that is what makes really stylish people stand out. You did VERY well on your looks and that is what a person should strive for :)