How to Style a Paper Bag Pants Outfit 5 Ways

Why even consider the paper bag trend?

1-They are higher waisted (so more coverage)

2-Most tend to have more volume around the hips (therefore, not as hot in the summer)

3-Can you say fun? (trying a new trend can make us feel younger)

What I will say is not every paper bag pants outfit is the same. There are ways to make them work no matter what your preference. And just because you tried on one pair and didn’t like them, doesn’t mean they are all made identically. It’s smart to try different materials and various brands.

For this exercise I came up with 5 ways to style a paper bag pants outfit.

1-Tucked in

2-The front tuck

3-Crop top (no belt)

4-Layering over your paper bag pants outfit

5-And there's another option on my blog post.

Tuck in your Top

This is the way most paper bag pants are shown when they are modeled. And while I realize that some women have gotten out of this habit, it can work no matter what your body shape.

Insider tip: One way to keep tops tucked in is to either wear a body suit or tuck it into your undies.

Half Tuck your Top

The half tuck is a modern way to still look intentional in the front, yet more covered in the back. This method works better with lightweight, flowy materials versus stiff ones.

Need more ideas about the half tuck and other ways to make it work? Check out reasons to use it, how it can be done on the side, and using the faux tuck.

Crop Top

Crop tops and high waisted pants go together like peanut butter and jelly.

You can always take off the belt for your paper bag pants outfit. For this pair of pants the belt is attached, so I just tucked it inside the waistband.

Layering over your Paper Bag Pants Outfit

Even though there is a belt for this style, you can still layer over your paper bag pants outfit. I wore a thin kimono and left it quite open in the front.

What is your favorite way to wear paper bag pants?

Don't forget to see a fifth idea on my blog post.

BTW, ignore how badly the bow is tied in these examples. I've finally found the method to perfectly tie them so the ties are horizontal and not wonky. Check out the short video here.

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Jodie Filogomo
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