Check Out These Five Ways to Style Leather Paper Bag Waist Pants

One pair of pants can go a really long way when paired with the right items of clothing and accessories. In this tutorial, I’ll show you exactly how far, by showing you five different outfits that I make out of a single pair of leather paper bag waist pants. Each look is a different style, but all are great and fun. Keep reading to learn how you can create similar looks with your own pair of leather pants.

High-waisted paper bag pants
Office friendly

Leather is often thought of as sexy or edgy but when worn properly it can be totally appropriate for the office. For this look, I pair my leather pants with a tweed blazer and tucked-in white blouse. The pointed-toe black pumps add to the professional vibe, as does the big white handbag.

Paper bag waist pants
Casual look

To take these pants from work to casual, I pair them with casual sneakers and a cropped white t-shirt. The olive green military jacket helps the calmer vibe, as well. I tend to accessorize less on casual days, so for this look, I just leave in my stud earrings and opt for a cross-body black bag.

Paper bag waist pants style
Edgy look

Like we said, leather is often considered to be edgy, so I had to show you all that style as well. For this look, I layer my band T-shirt over a long-sleeve mesh crop and finished off the look with some black military boots. The addition of funky earrings and some stacked bracelets are the perfect accessories to finish off this punky look. 

Styling paper bag waist pants
Ready for winter

I love how cable knit sweaters look with leather pants. So for this look, I’ve chosen my oatmeal turtleneck sweater and layered it under a grid-patterned black and white coat. Tan lace-up heeled boots and a tan tote bag add to this wintery outfit. I wouldn’t wear a necklace or bracelets with this sweater for fear of snagging it, so I opt for longer earrings to finish off the look. 

How to style leather pants
Date night look

I love mixing textures in outfits, and one of my favorite combinations is leather and lace. For a date-night outfit, this lace crop top is the perfect option. Since the top is sheer, I wear it above another black crop top to keep it modest and throw a black blazer on top. To add some color, I go with some red reels and finish it all off with a glitter clutch.

Leather paper bag waist pants

I love all of these looks. I just love how versatile these pants can be. Each outfit stands on its own, and it’s almost hard to believe that they’re all stemming from the same base pants. Which of these outfits is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Do you have any other ideas of ways to pair leather outfits? Drop me a picture, as well! 

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