Style Leather Pants 4 Ways

I just got these ZARA leather pants and knew I had to show you guys how I style them! I love these so much. They have a really great style and texture and are a little different than what I typically find. I also thought this would be a great tutorial for showing you guys how to take your clothes and make them a little more work-appropriate (for those of us who dress more business than casual)!

Leather pants style

Styling leather pants

Keep it casual 

For the first outfit, I wanted to do something really casual. I think leather pants are a little more dressed up than most pairs of pants, and I wanted to show you guys how to keep it really simple. I started with pairing the pants with a black sweatshirt and sneakers. I love pairing a hoodie and sneakers with a cool pant - it just elevates the entire look. Instead of just being comfortable, you can be stylish and comfortable! A combination I love. 

Style leather pants

Wear it to work 

Look number two is an outfit that can be styled for work. I started with a cream sweater and some brown boots to go with the leather pants. Next, I threw a denim jacket over my shoulders to give the look a little extra style. However, if you want to make this look a little more work-appropriate, you could easily just swap the denim jacket for the blazer or exclude the jacket altogether. This outfit is especially fun because you can wear it to work and then switch your blazer for the denim jacket and have a whole new fun outfit for dinner or a night out. 

Easy leather pants style

Rock the look 

The third look is bringing us back to that casual style. I decided to pair the leather pants with a flannel and a band tee. To me, these shirts are the equivalent to a basic white tee - they are staples. Given this, I always try to include both of these elements into any item that I’m styling. Both are easy to find, thrift, and dress up in any way that makes you feel comfortable. Finally, I finished the outfit with a pair of casual white sneakers. This look proves that leather pants don’t need to be so intimidating. Just style the pants the way you would a pair of jeans and get ready for a really fun and edgy look. 

All black leather style

Black is back 

This final outfit comes as a result of Hailey Bieber. She inspired me to create an all-black look that can be cool and worn to work. I started with a black sweater and paired it with a pair of black booties. If you don’t think your black boots are work-appropriate, you can always swap them out for some heels or nice flats. That said, keep those booties on hand for your post-work adventures! 

Leather styling video

There you have it! Four ways to style leather pants. I hope that you guys gained some inspiration from this video and found some confidence in your leather pants-wearing abilities. Don’t be intimidated by leather, it is much easier to style than most people think. 

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