How to Style Leather Pants - Enjoy These 6 Timeless Looks!

Julia Lee
by Julia Lee

Would you look at that! Leather pants! These are an exquisite essential item to add to your wardrobe. What’s more, my leather pants are vegan and I got these lovely pants from a brand called Aritzia. I love how these pants compliment my petite frame and they feel great too. So without further ado, here are 6 different ways to style leather pants.

Leather pants style

Look 1

This first outfit is men’s wear inspired. I’m wearing my Uniqlo heat tech turtleneck, a lovely tan-colored blazer, black Doc Martins, and I accessorized this look with a sleek leather belt bag. The leather pants make the outfit look chic and stylish while the black items just complement the black pants. Feel free to swap the color of your blazer to anything else you have in your closet; the goal is to break the sheer black style with a little contrast. If you have a black blazer, then that will work, too! I am a huge fan of all-black outfits.

Styling leather pants

Look 2

For this look, keep the Doc Martins on and change your top and jacket. Here, I am wearing an incredible vintage Levi denim shirt that I borrowed from my dad’s closet. Underneath, I have a lovely clean-cut white T-shirt. I chose a striped tote bag that I recently purchased from Etsy to complement this look. I am not a fan of bags, but I loved the striped pattern on this bag and it’s also quite compact. The bag totally gives off a lovely vibe to an otherwise simple outfit.

Style leather pants

Look 3

The next style is a little bit more casual, and it still works great with the leather pants. I wore a navy colored sweater that sits right above the leather pants and I opted for a white platform Converse shoe. I threw on a light grey wool coat and once again, I finished the look with the striped tote bag. I love how the black stripes from the bag go with the stripes on my converse shoes. I also like the casual look of this outfit. Since my style leads more on the casual side, I love how the coat gives a touch of elegance. The leather pants also add a different texture to the overall look and I’d probably rate this outfit a full 10!

Easy leather pants style

Look 4

Dress your leather pants with a more formal look by wearing a white, flowy button-up sweater and a beautiful pair of nude boots. The button-up sweater is not quite a shirt and it’s not quite a jacket; giving off an amazing flowing feel that doesn’t sit too heavy on the body. I finished off this look with a vegan leather clutch bag in a maroon color.

Leather pants for petite women

Look 5

For all the ladies who want a bit of fun in their outfits, then this one’s for you! I’m wearing a David Bowie graphic t-shirt, and to be honest, this is the only printed shirt I own. But I really like how it blends in with the outfit. I put my tan blazer back on and matched this outfit with cute, black ankle boots. My choice of accessory is a cute canvas tote with a print that reads “ Oh, Happy Days”. The canvas tote dresses the whole outfit down a little with its softer texture and it matches the tan blazer. All in all, a funky style, indeed!

Style leather pants for petite women

Look 6

Whoever likes classic patterns, then this one’s for you! Here I am wearing a mock neck t-shirt, an old but timeless gingham button-up, black Converse shoes, and a leather belt bag. If you don’t own a gingham shirt, you could wear a plaid shirt instead and recreate it your way. The goal here is to add a little bit of color to the outfit so that it gives off a nice contrast. As you can see, this is a super easy outfit and the leather pants make it a little more interesting than if I was wearing black jeans.

There you have it, 6 stylish looks to pair with leather pants. And if you are petite like me, and want to know how to style leather pants for petite women, then this should look absolutely great on you. I want to create a more curated wardrobe and not have trendy pieces that only stay stylish for a season or two. So, you will be able to pull off these looks all the time since they are timeless and classic! I hope you enjoyed my guide to styling leather pants.

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