Colorful Monochromatic Outfits That Will Make You Smile

Chloe DeBre
by Chloe DeBre

In this style guide we’re going to talk about monochromatic looks. That means when you wear all the same color from head to toe. Monochromatic outfits are especially stylish for the petite woman (like myself) because they allow her to look like a straight line up and down - they lengthen the woman and make her look tall. In my opinion, monochromatic outfits make the petite woman, and really any woman, look well put together.

I’m going to show you a few of my favorite monochromatic outfits, and I want to show you that monochrome doesn’t have to be boring! Wearing monochrome can be fun, sophisticated, elegant, exciting, and spunky. Often people think that wearing just one color means looking bland like a bowl of oatmeal, but I’m going to show you that this is not the case! In this style guide, we will not just be using neutral beiges and creams; we are actually going to use color! Let’s jump right in.

Monochromatic styling

Look 1

I love to wear maroon, burgundy, oxblood colors in the fall and the winter. It’s so warm, it’s so rich, so spicy and also very sexy. These pants are very soft and almost look like real leather. I’m wearing them with a blazer and one of my favorite pairs of heels. This outfit is a going out on the town, going to dinner, going on a date look. It is also very conservative, in my opinion, as well because you’re completely covered. This look gives everything a bit of spark.

Monochromatic style

Look 2

This next look just gives me spring fever. It is so light, so airy; it is just beautiful. I’m wearing a sleeveless blouse, pants, and peep-toe pumps, all in dusty rose color. Everything about this is so comfortable, and it can also be very work-appropriate depending on the dress code for your particular job. It is a very elegant and chic and business professional monochromatic look.

Style monochromatic outfits

Look 3

Thank the Lord for this chartreuse color. Chartreuse is a mixture of a bright neon yellow and a bright neon green. This color makes me so happy because it is just like the sunshine on steroids. Let me get into the outfit - I’m wearing a sweater, pants, heels, and a funky envelope bag. This color makes me smile.

Styling monochromatic outfits

Look 4 

Come through mustard yellow! If you want to wear yellow in the fall and winter, you can go ahead and wear yellow. But if you want to wear it and still be in season, go ahead and choose mustard yellow. I’m wearing cropped flared pants, an off-the-shoulder cotton sweatshirt, pointy-toe flats, and teamed this all with a large bag. I think that these pieces go so well together. There are no rules in fashion, so you can mix something very comfortable like this shirt with these very dressy pants. 

Basic monochromatic outfits

I’ve also paired this outfit with a pair of nude over-the-knee boots. You tell me which pair of shoes you think goes best with this outfit.

Style over 40

Look 5

Here is a perfect example of how you can wear a monochromatic outfit that is not all the same tone. It is not the same orange color that I have on but believe you me, I’m wearing all orange. The blouse is a light color melon orange, it is very lightweight and girly, and I love it so much. The cardigan is a true pumpkin orange, and the pants are a reddish fire orange.

Easy monochromatic style

Here I’ve styled the outfit with a perfect neon orange blazer. The color is so saturated, and it makes me so happy.

How to wear monochrome

Look 6

We’re into the army green, olive green vibe right now. These are such beautiful colors, and they also work well with neutral tones.

As I’ve shown you, dressing in monochrome doesn’t mean just wearing all white, black, cream, or beige. You can wear whatever color you like, and you can wear it however bright you want! If you love neons like I do - go for it! Play around, experiment, try on different things, have fun with it, and see what monochrome looks you can come up with.

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