How to Style Platform Shoes: 4 Sleek Outfit Ideas

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In this tutorial, we’re talking about shoes — specifically how to style platform shoes.

In my fashion trends report and talked about the trendy shoes of the season, I shared with you guys that platforms were here to stay.

I want to show you how to create outfits with platform shoes. They’re a big shoe trend this year, and they’re easy to style. Let’s get into it.

Formal look

1. Formal

We’re starting with these black Mary Jane platform shoes. 

Mary Jane platform shoes

They have a skinny ankle strap and more of a rounded toe. I absolutely love these.

Platforms look scary, but they’re honestly not if you buy the correct ones. These have thick heels and are super comfy. 

Formal look

I’m pairing it with a white tweed skirt and a black top. I also added hosiery since this is a fall and winter look.

Platforms can work for different occasions, and styling them with a skirt means this outfit can work for a holiday outfit or a dressed-up dinner look. 

Formal look

I also added a black leather blazer that has a leather finish and some gold button details to the look.

The blazer dresses up the look even more and you can never go wrong with adding one to your outfit. 

Formal look

Lastly, I’m adding a small black bag to complete this platform shoes outfit.

Casual outfit

2. Casual

Next, we’re styling a pair of brown platforms. 

Brown platform shoes

These brown platforms are just as comfy as the previous ones. They’re more of a loafer style and we’re going to be styling them a bit casually.

I’m pairing them with a pair of wide-leg leather pants and a cream sweater.

This style is more casual than formal, so it’s great for a ladies' night out.

The look is super trendy, which is what I love about the different styles of platforms. You can get a pair of platforms to go with whatever style you’re looking for. 

Casual outfit

These platforms give you a nice height so I love wearing them with wide-leg leather pants. They make me look taller which I absolutely love.

Casual outfit

To finish off the look, I’m adding a small handbag in the same color as the pants and the platforms.

The handle has that faux fur detail. I wanted to make this look super fun and super trendy, and this bag was the perfect touch.

Business-casual look

3. Business-casual

For this next look, we’re going back to the first, black platform Mary Janes for a classic, business-casual look.

If you want to wear your platforms to the workplace or maybe a business dinner, an outfit like this would be perfect.

I’m styling a green two-piece set, and I love sets like this because I can mix and match the pants with a different top or vice versa. 

Business-casual look

I can also wear the vest open or closed. There are different ways to play around with the set here, but I’m leaving it open to give it that business-casual feel.

You can also throw on a blazer over the top instead of the vest and it’ll pair well with a pair of trousers like this.

Business-casual look

To finish off the look, I’m adding a large black tote.

Casual jeans outfit

4. Casual jeans 

The final outfit I’m sharing can work with either the brown or black platform shoe. I’m styling a pair of black mom jeans with a sleeveless black top. 

Casual jeans outfit

When I wear tops like this, I love to layer over them so I’m going to add a printed blazer with brown plaid on it.

I wanted to add a pop of print to this look and the blazer is perfect. This is a great night out or date night outfit.

Casual jeans outfit

To finish the look, I added a caramel-tone quilted bag with a gold chain on it.

You can pair the platforms with a skirt, a pair of trousers, or a pair of trendy leather pants.

How to style platform shoes

You can play around with outfits with platform shoes and get many different styles out of them.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial on how to style platform shoes down below. I love to hear from you all!

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