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Here we go ladies! How to find flattering a swim suit for women over 50? This time of year I almost always have mixed emotions. I love to swim, go to the beach, pop over to the lake to do some stand up paddle boarding and yet it involves a swimsuit. As I have aged it is not my most favorite task to find a flattering swim suit for me a woman over 50 that I like. Can anyone else relate?

I have however found a few that I am comfortable wearing and work great for any of the water activities that I love to do. I prefer a modest bathing suit…no bikinis for me. When I was young and living in Newport Beach I always wore a bikini.

Let’s be honest I was very thin, flat chested and built more like a boy so a bikini was my swim suit of choice.

Flattering v-neck one piece swim suit

I now prefer a 1 one piece bathing suit that keeps everything put where it is supposed to be. If you are short waisted like I am you will find that a v-neck bathing suit is more flattering to your figure.

What I try to accomplish as I squeeze myself into a tube of stretchy fabric is to create space. Space between my shoulders and hips. If the swim suit comes way up to the top of chest with no breaks I look more like olive on a stick haha. The v-neck creates a longer neck, de-emphasizes broad shoulders and creates a slimmer look

Thicker straps also help to break up my broad shoulders. I have found the addition of ruffles to be especially pleasing. This particular bathing suit is so flattering and super comfortable to wear. A huge for me.

Black one piece shoulder tied swim suit

Another bathing suit that I have found that is a flattering swim suit for women over 50, is this black reversible one piece. I love the detail of the ties up at the shoulders. The straps are thicker which helps to break up my shoulders. Black of course is always a good choice to make one feel slimmer.

Funny story about this swim suit, I bought it at an Italian train station! We were traveling in Italy and I needed to find a swim suit fast. There happened to be a really cute swim suit kiosk there.

Below is the swim suit reversed. It has sea shells and coral designs on it.

Normally I would never think to go into some tiny little boutique to find a swim suit. Let alone in a train station in Italy! It looked so cute on the hanger and I just decided to go for it. I tried it on in a very tiny curtain closed corner of the store and it fit.

It is a little “cheeky” on my derriere which kind of drives me crazy but my husband like it haha. Once I am in the water it tends to move back down where it is more comfortable.

Two piece tankini swim suit for women over 50

The one thing about 1 piece swim suits that I don’t like is when you have to go to the restroom! Taking a wet one piece bathing suit off and on in the restroom is like wrestling an alligator! AM I RIGHT?

Tankini’s to the rescue! Of course I am not about to wear a midriff showing tankini. My muffin top would be oozing out over the top of the tankini bottoms. No thanks. The great thing about being short waisted is that the tankini tops usually come way down over the top of the bottoms. Yeah! I am still covered but in a two piece!

I really like the style of this tankini with a zipper down the front and wider shoulder straps. This suit comes in lots of colors too! I bought it on Amazon size large.

Flattering cover-ups for women over 50

I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of traipsing around in hotel lobbies or back and forth to restrooms in my swim suit. A flattering cover-up that is easy to wear and doesn’t wrinkle or at least looks cute if it is wrinkled is what I like.

I have found a few cover-up options that I love! One is florescent orange! haha I know it is a bit bright but I still love it. Plus it has SPF in the fabric. It is long sleeved, has hood and it super lightweight.

The pocket in the front reminds me of wearing a large comfy sweatshirt. It never wrinkles even when I wad it up in my beach bag.

A lightweight floral dress is also a great option.

The dress is tiered and kind of has that baby doll look. It too is long sleeved with a little collar and split neck. It looks cute enough to wear over my swim suit to go grab some lunch or shop in a little beach town.

Do you like swim skirts? I really do! I feel covered up and I can even paddle board in one. A tank top is always a great option to wear with the swim skirt to keep it nice a cool and sporty.

Last thoughts about a flattering swim suit for women over 50

In 2008 I wrote this post called swim suit phobia. It is all about getting over our fear of putting on a swim suit and it still holds true today.

I am quoting myself here-

“So my advice to you gals, not that anyone asked……. but go out and enjoy life to the fullest no matter your shape or size, find that bright colored nylon/spandex piece of fabric that is shaped like a tube and plop yourself into it and hit the beach, pool or even your own backyard!”

I hope you will go out and find a bathing suit that let’s you feel happy and ready to spend time at the beach, pool, lake or even your own backyard. Life is too short to be worried about what we look like in a bathing suit.

Enjoy time with your family and making memories.

This what a coastal Grandmother would do right? 🙂

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  • Camilla Camilla 6 days ago

    As a senior, I've had good luck with LandsEnd swim suits, both tankini styles (easy for bathroom trips) and one piece styles that have good bustline coverage and bottom coverage. I also like their "rash guards" for additional SPF and body coverage/camouflage.

  • Gloria R Gloria R 5 days ago

    You know what??? U look absolutely terrific. I wish I looked as good as you. Thanknyou for sharing your great look & ideas.