How to DIY Confetti Nails for New Year's Eve

by Laurart
5 Materials
15 Minutes

In this nail tutorial, I’m going to show you some confetti nails that are perfect for New Year's Eve.

If you’ve got your outfit planned for New Years’ and just need a killer nail look to finish it off, I have just what you’ve been looking for. Let's get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Nail polish
  • UV light
  • Top coat
  • Glitter
  • Fine brush
Applying blue nail polish

1. Apply blue nail polish

First, paint your nail on your index finger with electric blue nail polish.

Apply as much polish as you need to to get the intensity of color that you want.

Curing nail

2. Cure nail

Then cure your nail under a UV light.

Applying blue nail polish

3. Repeat

Repeat this on your ring finger.

Applying glittery nail polish

4. Apply glittery nail polish

Then go in with some glittery silver nail polish on your baby finger. Cure under the light when done.

Applying glitter

5. Apply glittery nail polish to tip

Also, apply this glittery nail polish to the tip of your ring finger that you painted blue.

Apply top coat

6. Apply clear top coat

Proceed to apply a clear top coat to all of your nails, including your middle finger that you haven’t painted. Do your middle finger last.

Adding confetti to nails

7. Add confetti

Using a fine brush or a pair of tweezers, place pieces of silver confetti onto your middle finger while the top coat is still wet.

Use a variety of sized confetti.

Adding confetti to nails

8. Repeat

Once you’ve put the confetti on, go over the middle finger with another clear coat.

Then, while it is still wet, apply even more confetti and apply a clear top coat again.

Finally, paint the nails on your other hand, and you’re done!

DIY confetti nails

DIY confetti nails

Here we have the finished nails. They are so glam, so extravagant, and so perfect for New Year's Eve.

I love how each of the nails has a different design, but they are all coordinated with one another.

I haven’t shown you a thumb design, but you could replicate one of the nail designs on your thumb or create another similar design that builds on the same theme.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, leave a comment down below.

Suggested materials:
  • Nail polish
  • UV light
  • Top coat
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