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Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

We may only be in August but let's face it, the British summer of 2021 was over before it even started. While some of us cling to the promise of a heatwave before Halloween, the rest of us are dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes, ankle boots and roast dinners.

The official UK start date for Autumn is less than a month away so it's time to educate yourself on the upcoming trends and work out which ones you want to partake in!

Florals are never exactly out of fashion but they are usually not as prevalent in Autumn as they are in Spring-Summer. This year, ditsy florals are a big thing for the cooler part of the year, mainly thanks to the success of the Netflix show Bridgerton which has sparked a lot of people's interest in a more kitsch, cottagecore vibe.

The trend itself is more about ladylike, country garden florals but personally I find dark florals more wearable in Autumn.

Micro mini hems are going to be huge - or should we say small? - this Autumn. The mini skirt is back with a vengeance! Short short dresses and short short skirts are in and actually Autumn is a great time of year to embrace the shorter hem because you can wear it with opaque tights and boots so you don't feel overly exposed.

Patterned tights are also still having a moment so why not combine the two trends for a Gossip Girl vibe?

One unsurprising Autumn 2021 trend is, of course, knitwear. However this year it is all about luxe knitwear - maxi wool skirts and dresses and beautiful fabrics. If you haven't invested in a cashmere rollneck yet, think about doing so this year. If you're happy to wait another year to wear it, the Spring sales are a great time of year to pick up your cashmere clothing.

Boots aren't so much of a trend piece as a staple for Autumn but in 2021, chunky boots in particular are in the limelight. Doc Marten are a fantastic source for good-quality chunky boots, or if you are looking for something cheaper, ASOS has numerous options.

A chunky pair of boots can obviously be worn with jeans or they can make a floaty, feminine dress a little more edgy.

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