Comfy and Cozy Teddy Tote Bag

by ModernModiste
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90 Minutes

I’ve been seeing teddy totes all over social media and so got inspired to make my own. It’s a simple project and super ‘in’ right now. To learn how to make your own DIY tote bag, follow this tutorial!

Tools and materials:

  • Teddy material
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Lining fabric
DIY tote bag

Build the body 

Cut out your pattern pieces following the pattern above. You should have two squares for the front and back, two sides and a bottom. To start sewing the bag, sew the sides to the bottom, right sides facing. (You are sewing the short sides). Next, pin the bottom and sides to wither the front or back piece, starting with the bottoms and working your way up to the sides. Sew into place. (To turn the corners while sewing, lift the presser foot, turn the fabric and then lower it again). Finally, to finish the body, pin the other square to the sides and bottom and sew. 

Sew a tote bag

Connect the straps 

To make the straps, fold the two long edges towards the center, fold in half again and then sew (the way you would sew bias tape). Push the fabric down with your fingers to keep it from getting stuck. Measure from each edge the distance you want your straps to be (pictured above) and then pin your straps in place. (I measured four inches from the side). Sew the straps onto the bag. 

How to sew a tote bag

Make the lining 

For the lining, cut out pieces of fabric that match the measurements of the outer bag. The only difference is that I added pockets to the lining. To make the pockets, pin the edges of the pocket bag and double hem the edge - this will be the top opening side. Next, pin the fabric to the front or back fabric of the lining. Sew into place. Once the pockets are sewn on, assemble the lining bag the same exact way you assembled the outer bag. 

Make a tote bag

Finish the bag 

Turn the lining inside out and then place the teddy bag (right side out) into the lining. Pin together along the edge. Next, sew the lining to the bag, leaving a four to five-inch gap in the sewing to be able to pull the bag right side out. Once that’s done, pin closed the opening and sew it shut, sewing around the entire top edge. 

How to make a tote bag

This bag is the perfect winter accessory. The fabric is soft, comfy, and cozy - everything you want in the wintertime. So, sew a tote bag for the perfect winter style. 

Suggested materials:
  • Teddy material
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
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