Christmas Gift Idea for Girls: DIY Charm Bracelet Kit

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My daughter loves to paint and craft and get her hands dirty in our craft room, which got me thinking about the perfect gift I could give her that would infuse all of her favorite girly things. That's when I came up with and idea for this DIY Charm Bracelet Kit, perfect for letting her create an adorable bracelet that she makes herself! If you have a girl between the ages of 4-14 in your life, I think this kit is going to be a hit. It's so fun and easy to put together, and lets their imagination run wild since part of the fun is creating her own one-of-a-kind beads! Here's how you do it:

Supplies needed to make a DIY Charm Bracelet Kit

Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint

Assorted Wood Cut Outs

Jewelry Making Cable Chain

Brass Eye Pins

Jewelry Designer™ Jump Ring

Assorted Plastic Beads

Light Purple Tassel Key Chain

Pink Tassel Key Chain

Assorted Acrylic Pom Poms

Reclosable Small Bags 2 x 1.5 inches

Reclosable Small Bags 3 x 5 inches

Darice Photo Storage Box

Paint Brushes


How to make a DIY Charm Bracelet Kit

Step 1: Paint your beads. Part of the fun of this kit is that these wooden pieces are unfinished which gift your bracelet maker free reign to create something totally original! Apply two coats of paint and let dry completely.

Step 2: Make some adorable pom pom beads by poking your brass eye pin through the middle. Cut off the end and secure with a dot of glue.

Step 3: Get the beads ready to hook to the bracelet by drilling a small hold in them. You could also do this prior to making the kit so they already have holes in them at the beginning.

Step 4: Push a jump ring through all of the DIY beads.

Step 5: Attach your beads to the bracelet and close the jump ring!

Step 6: That's how you make a gorgeous DIY charm bracelet, now it's time to assemble all the pieces in a gift you can give to a craft-loving lady in your life! Organize all of the pieces for making the charm bracelets in separate reclosable bags (i.e. a bag for pom poms, one for the wooden pieces, one for the jump rings, etc.). This will keep them organized and allow the recipient to see them all when they open the box.

Step 7: Layer your box with tissue paper and place the bags of supplies in the box along with a couple paint colors and a paint brush!

That's it! Now you've created a one-of-a-kind gift that is going to let the girls in your life express themselves in the cutest way!

We hope you have a blast giving a charm bracelet kit, or making a bracelet for yourself!

ox. Liz

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