How to Create Unique Eco Earrings From Nuts!

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
10 Minutes

I love to support the environment so eco friendly Tagua nuts are otherwise know as vegetable ivory and super non edible nuts that can make great jewellery.

I decide on a pair that match and the super smooth surface is very pretty but also hard wearing and strong.

Tagua nuts

I like to use round nosed pliers and this is easy way to bend metal to make earrings. I cut the metal pins to fit the size of earring I need. The centre of the nut already has a pre drilled hole.

Cut wire

Next I use the rounded nosed pliers to make a loop to fix a jump ring to. The knack is to make loop and then squeeze tightly to stop the ring slipping off.

Head pin
Bend pin into loop

Once the loop is secure it’s threaded with a small jump ring and pinched together with the pliers.

Jump ring

Nearly ready to wear! I Just need to fix the sterling silver ear hooks on. I prefer good quality large ones and it’s just a matter of hooking the little ring on to the hook.

Adding hook

I’m so pleased with this pretty pink pair of eco earrings made from Tagua nuts! Now let’s see what colour to make the next pair!!

Eco earrings
Eco earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Tagua nuts   (Amazon)
  • Sterling silver ear hooks   (Amazon)

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