Making Low Cost Unique Beautiful Earrings From Old Crockery

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
1 Hour

I love recycling vintage materials that are no longer wanted into new fashion accessories and so when I saw these pretty china crockery pieces I couldn’t resist the temptation to get transforming!

Vintage broken china

I use some wheeled tile nippers to shape the pieces and trying to choose the flowers and designs that appeal for a jewellery earrings make... so many lovely patterns and shapes to choose from!

Wheeled tile nippers

I cut up enough pieces to transform and use a small rotary sanding tool to smooth and remove any sharp edges.

Smoothing edges

I then switch the end to a diamond tipped drill piece and drill a hole into the china to create a hole top ready for fixings.


I use the drill in water to cool the tip and slowly slowly it creates nice holes into the ceramic to take jump rings and ear wires.

when ready I prepare the earrings with silver jump rings and thread through the holes ready for the silver ear hooks .

Ear hooks

The beautiful china dangle earrings get assembled with the sterling silver fixings these are readily available on line and the round nosed pliers meals the job so easy to do.

I’m so delighted with the final pieces and such a unique recycled project too!

Broken crockery earrings
Broken crockery earrings
Suggested materials:
  • Wheeled tile nippers   (Amazin)
  • Hand held small mini Rotary drill   (Amazon)

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