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If you want to add a statement piece of jewelry to your accessory collection, look no further than pompom earrings. Dangly pompom earrings are so cute and easy to make. Go grab a ball of yarn and let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Chain
  • Pliers
  • Earring hooks
Easy pom pom earrings

Wrap the yarn around your fingers

Thread the yarn through your index finger and middle finger, leaving a tail. Then proceed to wrap it around your two fingers. When you've wrapped a thickness of 0.5 inches, cut the yarn and push it up so that it's at the top of your fingers.


The number of fingers that you use will determine the size of your pompom. If you want to go for even bigger earrings, you can use three or four fingers instead.

Make pom pom earrings

Make a tie 

Cut another piece of yarn and thread it through the bottom of your fingers. Proceed to tie it around the wrapped yarn.

How to make pom pom earrings

Tie again

Remove the yarn from your fingers and make sure that the knot is super tight. Make another knot so that you can secure it in place.

Basic pom pom earrings

Clip the yarn

Cut off any excess thread from the tie. The proceed you take your scissors and clip your yarn along the middle to create the pompoms.

Simple pom pom earrings

Trim the pompom

Now you're going to trim the pompom. I recommend doing this over a plastic container or a piece of paper so that once you're done, you can easily throw the trimmed fabric away, and it won't create a big mess everywhere.

pom pom earrings tutorial

Thread needle through

You've just made a pompom, and now it's time to turn it into an earring. To do this, you need to thread a needle, then insert the needle into the center of the pompom and pull through.

Attach chain

Insert the needle through a chain and then thread the needle through the center of the pompom again and pull the needle through until it comes out the other end. Once you've done that, tie a knot and snip off any excess yarn.

Cut the chain and attach to earring

Using pliers, cut the chain to the length that you want your earring to be. Open up the earring hook with your pliers, attach it to the chain and then close it up.

Repeat the process for your second earring, and there you have two ready to wear dangly pompom earrings!

They're so soft and cute, and you won't be able to stop fiddling with them. I went for a pale pink color, but you can choose a bright, bold color if you really want to make a statement. If you loved this DIY and can't get enough of pompoms, why not try making a pompom key chain?

Suggested materials:
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Chain
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  • Rosie Rosie on Apr 30, 2021

    Cute! I’ll give it a try

  • KimofCoventry KimofCoventry on Mar 03, 2022

    My dog tore my big pom off my hat, and destroyed it. I made a new one and have been thinking of other ways I might use them. This is really cute!