Mushroom Globe Ring

4 Materials
2 Hours

Learn how to make a fancy mushroom globe ring with polymer clay and a brass ring base. This ring features a glass globe that encases a trio of mini mushrooms on a bed of green clay "grass"

This adorable ring is for anyone who loves fairies, gnomes or magical fantasy accessories. This ring is perfect for a costume or cosplay. It also makes a great gift.


Green polymer clay- available at Michaels

mini mushroom figurines- available at Michaels. They are in the sections with the tiny fairy house accessories and miniatures.

Glass globe and brass ring base- I purchased this off of Etsy

E6000 Glue- Bought at hardware store

Make the base

Take a pea sized amount of clay and spread it onto the brass base. Leave enough space between the edge and the clay that you can fit the glass globe on top.

Press the mini mushrooms into the clay to imprint into the clay. Bake the base according the instructions on the packaging.

Once the ring has cooled use E6000 glue to glue the mushrooms into place. Let dry

Glue the top of the globe on using a very small amount of glue and let dry completely. Now your ring is ready to wear. You can adjust the size to fit your finger.

Suggested materials:
  • Ring base   (Etsy)
  • Polymer clay   (Michaels)
  • Mini mushrooms   (Michaels)
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