4 Cute Outfits to Wear With Black Joggers: Casual to Dressed Up

Brooke Bakken
by Brooke Bakken

In this short and sweet tutorial, I’m going to show you four different outfits to wear with black joggers so that you can see how to get maximum fashion mileage out of this simple piece.

If you weren’t sure what outfits you could wear with black joggers, I’ve styled these four for different occasions to cover all bases.

Cozy black joggers outfit for women

1. Fall day jogger

First up, a cozy outfit for the fall. I started off pairing the black joggers with a simple white sleeveless top as a base. Over the top, I’ve layered a long knitted cardigan, which is nice and warm, to wrap up in.

The warm red shade provides a really nice contrast to the neutral colors of the base.

Wearing joggers with boots

To finish the outfit off, I added a pair of heeled booties that are great for colder weather and also give me a bit of height.

A wide brim hat is the perfect accessory for this outfit as it adds a touch of chic and elevates the look.

Casual shoes to wear with joggers

2. Casual jogger

For a casual, lazy weekend look, I’ve thrown on a pair of white sneakers to accompany the black joggers.

On top, I’m wearing a cropped sweater in a neutral color, and then I’ve added a beanie hat to complete the chilled-out look. This is easy dressing at its best.

How to style joggers for work

3. Workday jogger

For more of a formal, workwear look, I’ve paired the joggers with a white shirt that I’ve tucked in and then layered a long cream cardigan over the top.

I really like wearing cream with white, as the two colors look very soft and harmonious together.

On my feet, I have a pair of backless leather pumps, and a pair of glasses makes a great accessory.

This outfit has completely transformed the joggers from being very casual to something office-appropriate.

How to wear joggers on a night out

4. Girls night out jogger

Last up, an outfit to wear on a night out with the girls!

I’ve paired the black joggers with a gorgeous silk blouse that has a subtle leopard print on it. The blouse is in a lovely bronze shade which feels really glam.

For footwear, I’ve gone with a pair of black heeled booties. As the boots are the same color as the trousers, they seamlessly help to elongate my legs. I finished the outfit off with a little black bag.

Outfits to wear with black joggers

Outfits to wear with black joggers

There we have four ways that you can style joggers for different occasions. You can dress them up, dress them down and take them in whatever direction you want to go in.

I hope that you were able to pick up some inspiration, and if you haven’t worn joggers recently, it’s time to give this super comfy item of clothing a go!

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